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「EASY JAPANESE NEWS」やさしい日本語で書いたニュース Screenshot 0
「EASY JAPANESE NEWS」やさしい日本語で書いたニュース Screenshot 1
「EASY JAPANESE NEWS」やさしい日本語で書いたニュース Screenshot 2
「EASY JAPANESE NEWS」やさしい日本語で書いたニュース Screenshot 3

About 「EASY JAPANESE NEWS」やさしい日本語で書いたニュース

TODAI Reader - Easy Japanese - Easy Life

This app lets you reading, listening, and watching daily news provided by NHK NEWS WEB EASY, CNN, MBC... in a very simple Japanese.

News provided by NHK NEWS WEB EASY, CNN, MBC ... always updated so you do not miss anything.

A huge database of 31076 articles, 173386 vocabularies, 6355 kanji, 169736 examples, and over 2000 grammar will help you master Japanese.

Main features:

- Read news with full add-ons: hide the furigana, highlight important words in the article, underline the vocabulary by JLPT level, analyze the grammar structure of the article, change the font size.

- Listen audio: adjust audio speed, change the reading voice.

- Watch the video: practice listening and learning Japanese culture.

- Translate article: you can practice the translation of the article yourself or refer to the translations of other users.

- Listen and repeat: practice listening and pronunciation skills.

- Words review: see the list of words in the article, practice with the flashcard.

- Dictionary: look up any vocabulary in the article.

- Difficult news: challenge yourself with advanced articles.

- JLPT: take the test with full level, standard test with the structure like a real exam.

- Music video: learn Japanese with music.

- Offline mode: you can read news event no have the network. So you will reduce the cost of 3G/4G connection.

Best app for practice reading, listening, speaking skills.
It will suite with JLPT N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1 level.

Let's download and share it to your friends.
Thank you.

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It's awesome for passive learning. I don't want to forget the vocabulary and grammar I studied years ago. Reading 3-5 articles per day is a good language practice.
Love the new update on translation!! needed that for long time. this apl is getting bette rand better!! thank you so much. im lowkey hoping there will be more hard japanese news, magazines, articles...
nomin margad-erdene
This is very good apps for me i will recommend.this is very useful
Jacquilyn Sase