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About Glucose tracker & Diabetic diary. Your blood sugar

Diabetes diary - will become an indispensable glucose buddy for anyone with gestational diabetes, type 1 or type 2. The glucose diary will allow you to track regular hemoglobin, sugar levels, pressure, insulin reminder, and also add tags, medications, condition, and weight to each record. With the help of regular sugar log, observe trends in blood sugar log and decide on that information how can you treat it and also provide your doctor with all the necessary information for effective diabetes treatment. There is a strong and smart insulin tracker which help you to set your daily value and to monitor every medication taken.
★ Diary of diabetes tracker takes into account the specifics of each person and allows you to flexibly set the normal blood sugar tracker levels – sugar diary app will automatically analyze each record and meter the dynamics of changes in charts, so in fact, you will take full diabetic control.

Functionality of the app:

Add in one touch blood glucose monitoring, hemoglobin levels, weight, as well as taken drugs;
✓ Make glucose tracker more informational - log insulin calculator data, BU taken, mood level and attach comments;
Add tags to each record – so with the help of diabetes buddy you will find out dynamics, for example, Before meals, After meals, In the Morning, In the Evening, etc.;
✓ Use and set different blood glucose level units - mg/dl or mmol/l;
✓ Calculate the insulin index;
✓ Track weight sugar dynamic;
✓ A flexible and well-thought-out notification system - now it will be very difficult not to enter glucose meter data and blood sugar readings into the diabetes diary or take measurements. Set insulin reminder and no one will never forget to enter all the necessary data;
✓ Manage diabetes logbook and know all everything about yourself - more than 7 different charts that analyze the input data, show trends, dynamics and dependencies of changes in glucose monitoring, hemoglobin, well-being, monitor insulin calc progress;
Export all records entered into blood sugar diary tracker and send it to email, .txt file or export blood glucose tracker readings into .XLS and .PDF format files.

★ This application will be an excellent assistant as a diabetic log book and all those who suffer from glycemia, and a diary of sugar will not only allow you to regularly record log sugar levels but also analyze them to understand your body.

😃What is TAG system? This is a lot of possibilities in the pocket - glucose tracker can set tags before entering each blood sugar log readings - before dinner, after a sports activity, alcohol, driving and etc. So, later, it will be very easy and effective to analyze your glucose log and to find out what factors and things make sugar levels high or low.

💊 In addition, you can log each medication taken, log insulin tracker and also find out which medicine fits your best and make your blood glucose log normal or not - by this approach you can manage diabetes logbook more effectively.

👍 By the way, for many people, this app will be an excellent helper for health care/doctor, and if you are diabetic, with the help of glucose buddy you can now easily provide detailed reports of condition for any specialist. For every person, who has D1 or D2, it is very important to pedantically and regularly monitor and record your progress. In this way, you can not only stabilize your condition but also improve your well-being and lead a full-fledged lifestyle. What could be easier? Just take measurements every day. The insulin calculator will tell you everything you need (but it’s worth remembering that you always need to check the calculated doses manually).
For any questions, ideas, and suggestions of the improvement of the diabetic log book - please write to our contact mail.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can the glucose tracker and diabetic diary do?

The glucose tracker and diabetic diary allows you to track your blood sugar levels, hemoglobin, pressure, insulin reminders, and other information related to your diabetes. It also provides charts and analysis to help you understand and manage your condition effectively.

What functionalities does the app offer?

The app allows you to easily input and monitor blood glucose levels, hemoglobin levels, weight, and medications taken. You can also add tags to each record for better analysis. The app offers a flexible notification system to remind you to input data. Additionally, it provides various charts to analyze the input data and track your progress.

How can the TAG system help in analyzing glucose levels?

The TAG system allows you to set tags before entering each blood sugar reading, such as before meals, after sports activities, alcohol, or driving. This makes it easy to identify factors that may affect your glucose levels and analyze the data effectively.

Can I log my medications in the app?

Yes, you can log each medication taken in the app. This can help you identify the most effective medicine and manage your diabetes logbook more effectively.

How can the glucose tracker app assist in providing detailed reports to specialists?

The app can generate detailed reports of your condition, which can be shared with specialists or healthcare providers. This can be especially helpful for individuals with type 1 or type 2 diabetes who need to regularly monitor and record their progress.

How can the app improve overall well-being and lifestyle?

By regularly monitoring and recording your progress, you can not only stabilize your condition but also improve your well-being and lead a healthy lifestyle. The app provides insights and analysis to help you make informed decisions about your diabetes management.

How can I contact the app developers for questions or suggestions?

For any questions, ideas, or suggestions for improving the diabetic log book app, please write to our contact mail.
You can add notes and medication when you record your numbers
Easy and reliable app.
Kay GM
Está muy buena, sólo que las caritas de las condiciones debería ser asignada automáticamente según el resultado.
Miguel Angel Mejia Ruiz
Super easy to use. Very few adds. Enjoying the experience. Thank you!
Susi Elisa
Useful app, let's u make diet n med notes. Graphs r helpful
Mollie Miller
the best glucose tracker that I have found, simple to input wnd great to see the variations, ads are not intrusive and the premium is just 1 payment
Allan Z