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About Warmup exercises - flexibility training

We have selected the most effective exercises for making an excellent warmup and stretching, as well as the morning exercises. The application contains 39 warmup and stretch exercises for all muscle groups, allowing you to perform an excellent flexibility training and to get ready for any kind of other workout.
⭐ Performing flexibility stretches will allow you to get good warmup, stretch all the muscles and to prepare for any other the training.

App Features:

✓ All flexibility exercises come with detailed audio, video and text instructions - now you can really increase flexibility;
✓ App has 3 different stretching & flexibility plans of various difficulty levels and a total of 42 different workouts- each flexibility workout targets different muscle groups;
✓ A virtual instructor will accompany you throughout the flexibility stretch lessons, and will motivate you;
Statistics system will allow you to track your progress in training and flexibility stretches;
Strong notifications system – now you will certainly do morning exercises!
✓ You can create your own workouts and do stretches to improve flexibility as you like.

🏅 It is known that before each workout, whether it be jogging, strength training, warmup is the best way to get ready for it – to do warmup exercises for all the muscles of the body, as well as carry out basic flexibility stretches. In addition, the warmup exercises are also very helpful in the morning. Morning exercises will allow you to get energy for the day and will provide excellent health, as well as will improve flexibility.

👍 Stretching & flexibility plans provided by this app – is a great opportunity to take care of your health, get full of energy, do an excellent flexibility stretch workout and to improve mood.

⏱️ By the way, with the help of this app you will not just do flexibility exercises, but you will create stable habit of regular warmup exercise in the context of life. Just try to do your first flexibility workout and you will definitely see all the results.

Good luck!

Wonderful Experience and Great Health!
Teri Livesey
Super duper app💪🏼
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Amazing app
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