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About Portuguese Dictionary Offline

The free offline Portuguese dictionary application explains the meaning of Portuguese words! Definitions are based on Portuguese Wiktionary. This is a monolingual Portuguese dictionary: words must be entered in Portuguese language.

♦ More than 66000 words and large number of inflected forms
♦ Fast as it works offline, internet is used only when a word is not found in the offline dictionary
♦ You can leaf through words using your finger (swipe right and left)
♦ Easy and functional user interface, optimized also for tablets
♦ Bookmarks and search history with option to backup your bookmarks
♦ Crossword help: the symbol ? can be used in place of single unknown letter. The symbol * can be used in place of any group of letters.
♦ Random search button (shuffle), useful to learn new words
♦ Compatible with Moon+ Reader and FBReader

Your settings
♦ Black and white themes with user defined text colors (press menu-->select Settings-->click on Theme)
♦ Optional Floating Action Button (FAB) supporting one of the following actions: Search, History, Favorites, Random search and Share option
♦ Persistent Search option to get automatic keyboard at startup
♦ Text to speech options
♦ Number of items in history
♦ Customable font size and line spacing

You can post your suggestions on
♦ Question & Answers:
♦ No voice output? Please follow instructions here:
♦ Information about permissions used by the application can be found here:

Word pronunciation works only if voice data for portuguese have been correctly installed in your phone (Text-to-speech engine).

In case Moon+ Reader does not list my dictionary: open pop-up "Customize dictionary" and select "Open dictionary directly when Long-Tap on a word"

⚠ An offline dictionary needs memory. In case your device has low memory, please consider to use the online dictionary:

Information for application developers:
✔ This application provides Dictionary API for 3rd party developers, please read further details:

This application requires the following permissions:
INTERNET - to retrieve the definition of unknown words
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (aka Photos/Media/Files) - to backup configuration and bookmarks

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Mário Guilherme
I like the fact that the words have IPA notations for both american and english accents, etymology, examples of use, read-aloud, and translations of each meaning to various languages which when clicked takes...
Helio Oliveira Bianchi
Sangara Francisco