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About さすゆう truly is brave like you

Kingdom destruction verge!?
Become a Hero, Let rebuilding the obsolete kingdom!

Money earnings of Hero-like monster extermination and ... mad money robbery of king?!
Tap the castle Let depriving mad money of useless king!
allowed to stand steadily accumulate money if?! further in successive tap?!? More ... Tsu is chastised the devil?!?!

"Truly is a hero like you!"

It is interesting It 's easy! Perfect free standing system Easy RPG !! to kill time

◆Story ◆
King of the predecessor died, young is marked with the king to the throne a selfish in ... naive, its on Kanezukai of rough super problem child !!
Use the money as much as the Kingdom is inclined, and even appeared also Satan was pulling in monster, country will perish anymore verge!

Oh, there's Hero! You are so !!
Whether not, please save this country ... !!!!!

By discipline the monster and the king, let rebuild the country of the verge of collapse!

◆ how to proceed with the game ◆
1: steal the mad money of the king!
Amount of money available at successive tap bonus occur as you hit if hitting is up !!

2: attempts to free the adventure area!
If you call a monster that inhabits, !! going steadily accumulated money

3: trying to evolve a monster!
Speed ​​of the amount that can be obtained from monsters of adventure area is up !!

4: Let's fight off Satan and monsters that come in the way!
Defeat it'll go down a lot of money if !!

Aim! Billionaire! 100 It's not a dream Even Kyo !!

- BGM and SE
- Voice collaborations

◆Once the phenomenon that the castle disappear occurs ... ◆
If you have any phenomenon that the castle disappear occurs when you have tap, there is a possibility of influence by the memory shortage.
You apologize for very sorry to trouble you, but, I once asked to restart the terminal.

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Best endless clicker so far, one touch controls, no English but it's not needed so it's cool
Amy Rose
Really needs an option for English. I have no idea what I'm doing, but it's still a very well done game and it's clear a lot of time and effort went into its development. I'm enjoying it nonetheless though :)
Fayt N
Would play it almost every time. Thanks for your hardwork! Ganbatte!!
Fathi Chan