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About LINE I Love Coffee

"LINE I Love Coffee", a café owner experiencing game, is now available from LINE game!
Be the owner of a fancy café and prosper your business!

Connect with "LINE", the Free calls & Messages apps, and help each other with your LINE friends! You can freely enjoy managing your own café!

What kind of coffee do you like?
Caramel Macchiato? with maple-flavored syrup, marked with espresso and finished with caramel sauce.
Standard American coffee? pleasant-smelling aroma and slightly bitter.
Espresso? the best way of enjoying the flavor of the roasted coffee beans.

*Start form the coffee beans
Take your time for roasting, master various recipes and make a delicious coffee.

*Cafés must be fancy!
Create your unique café by choosing your favorite furniture and accessories from thousands of choices!
As the café becomes fancier, more customers will visit your café!

*Expand your café, employ more staffs and be the owner of the most popular café!
As your café becomes popular, it will be difficult to manage it by yourself.
So, why don't you employ more staffs and expand your café? Don't forget to choose your staff's uniform appropriate to the atmosphere of your café!

*Acquire regular customers from people walking in the town!
Don't you think just waiting for customers inside the fancy café is a waste of time?
Go to the street and show your skills to attract the customers! If your business talk succeeds, you'll acquire a regular customer! However, please forgive their selfishness.

*Let's have more fun with your LINE friends!
When you burn the coffee beans or when your staff is exhausted, let's ask your friends for help. Visit, help each other and you'll get a reward by sending a Clover to your friend!

*New Features & Update Details

- All cafes now have 2 floors!
- Raise your level and unlock the Coffee Truck game!
- Have pets and change your avatar's clothes!
- Clear the event that will be starting with the update and you can get special interior items every month!
- Lots of Special Menu items will be appearing!
- Now there are over 100 menu items that you can make and over 1,000 interior items that you can put in your cafes!

※There some mobile phone is not available.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is "LINE I Love Coffee"?

"LINE I Love Coffee" is a café owner experiencing game that is available on LINE game.

How can I play "LINE I Love Coffee"?

You can play "LINE I Love Coffee" by connecting with "LINE", the Free calls & Messages apps, and help each other with your LINE friends.

What kind of coffee can I make in the game?

You can make various types of coffee such as Caramel Macchiato, Standard American coffee, and Espresso.

Can I customize my café?

Yes, you can create your unique café by choosing your favorite furniture and accessories from thousands of choices.

How can I expand my café?

You can employ more staffs and expand your café as it becomes popular.

Can I acquire regular customers in the game?

Yes, you can acquire regular customers by showing your skills to attract the customers in the town.

Can I play with my LINE friends?

Yes, you can have more fun with your LINE friends by visiting, helping each other, and sending a Clover to your friend as a reward.

Are there any new features and updates in the game?

Yes, there are new features and updates such as all cafes having 2 floors, unlocking the Coffee Truck game by raising your level, having pets and changing your avatar's clothes, and lots of special menu items and interior items appearing.
I love this game, please fix it
Firda Florentina
love this game so much 😍
Regina Leandita
This game is simply addictive! It's cute with dozens of different themes. Please release more avatar clothes.
Naru Toudou
I have played this game since 2014 and it's very cool game for those who love interior design. You can have your own custom cafe here, oh yes. Their features & quests are upgraded & updated from time to time...
Yuliana Martha Tresia
I wrote down my password for this and it doesnt work. Stop playing thus for a year because i didnt have enough space, but now that i have, i download this only for my email and password to not work. Ive wais...
genderless child
Hopefully there's no problem in the future especially when we need to log in thanks for fixing this problem so i can continue playing this cute and relaxing game
rasita sari