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About Baby journal [Babyrepo]

Simple parenting record app that can be shared by couples.

A maternity notebook app that allows you to keep a baby's childcare records with one hand, such as breastfeeding (milk), changing diapers, and sleeping time.
With the breastfeeding timer, photo diary, and growth curve, you'll find all the features you want for your child-rearing mom, so you'll never need a child-rearing note!

With a reliable consultation function limited to those who are using Babyrepo!
Senior moms and moms in the same circumstances can help you with childcare and childcare concerns.

[ Main features ]

Breast milk, baby bottle (milk), milking, baby food, diapers, poop, pee, bath, sleep, body temperature, height, weight, vaccination, and other free input.

Photo diary
Record one photo per day and the events of the day. You can easily make a photo diary.

The recorded data is shared in real time. The partner you share with can also register records and photo diaries.

Consultation function
You can talk to your senior mom about your concerns about childcare. Let's help each other without raising one child alone. Respondents can use it with confidence because it is limited to application users.

Growth curve (graph)
Height and weight are displayed in a graph so you can check your growth at a glance.

Breastfeeding timer
A standard feature of the breastfeeding app. We will set a timer to inform you of the next breastfeeding time. (Continuous such as every hour is also possible)

Night mode
You can change the screen to a black color scheme.

Backup & restore
Back up your baby's parenting records. Rest assured that you can restore it even if you accidentally erase the application, not to mention changing the model.

Create PDF
You can download important childcare records in PDF. It can be printed as data or printed on paper and left on hand semipermanently.

[ Here is the point! ]

- Design that can be easily operated with one hand
- Easy to see daily and weekly history
- Can be shared by couples
- You can consult your senior mom about your concerns.
- Items not used can be hidden
- Multiple babies are OK
- Updating at any time with the voice of the user

[ Recommended for those who ]

- I'm busy and don't have time to record in my notebook everyday.
- I want to share the daily growth of my important baby with my partner.
- I would like to discuss the concerns and stress of childcare with someone.
- It is troublesome to keep a record of breastfeeding. forgetful.
- I want to keep a record of my baby's growth and memories.
- I don't know what to wear for the first time.
- I want rational and smart parenting.
- I am worried about forgetting to drink milk.

[ Bugs, requests, etc. ]

We would like to take a look at the reviews as valuable opinions and impressions from everyone.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but regarding problems, opinions, inquiries, etc.
Please contact us from Settings> Bugs, Comments, Inquiries in the application.

If you contact us from the review, we will not be able to carry out individual investigations and responses, so please forgive us.


We hope that it will be useful for your childcare.
If you can use it, we would love to hear from you.

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