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About with My CAT

▼▼Life Changes, but Friendship Never Changes▼▼

Attention: cat lovers and animal lovers,
Spend more time with your kittens and get to know them.
Various kinds and personalities. Let's start a new life with unique kittens.

▼Cats in this game▼
Calico cat, tricolor cat, bicolor cat, tabby, Japanese cat, Scottish Fold, American Shorthair, Bengal, Russian Blue cat and British Shorthair.
More than 180 kinds of cats with different fur colors and patterns.

▼Meet new cats at Friends Plaza▼
Find the cat of destiny.
Spend your time with the special one? or try to see how many cats you can meet?
Utilize Friends Hotel and Foster Parents as well.

▼Keep a cat on your smartphone▼
Interact with your kitten anytime, anywhere.
Your kittens will recognize your voice.
The outside sceneries will change according to the time you actually spend.
Take AR photos/videos of your cats in your room or outside, and post them on SNS with #withmycat

▼Your own family ▼
Costumes, hats, glasses and more. Unique items over 600 kinds.
Give your kitten a stencil mark to make them special.
Cat's room interior-decoration can also be customized.

Free-to-play, a cat simulation game. Let's start a new life with your kitty.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is "With My CAT"?

"With My CAT" is a cat simulation game where you can spend time with and get to know various kinds of cats.

How many different cats are there in the game?

There are more than 180 kinds of cats with different fur colors and patterns in the game.

Can I meet new cats in the game?

Yes, you can meet new cats at Friends Plaza and try to find the cat of destiny. You can also utilize Friends Hotel and Foster Parents in the game.

Can I interact with my kitten anytime, anywhere?

Yes, you can interact with your kitten anytime, anywhere on your smartphone. Your kittens will even recognize your voice.

Can I customize my cat's appearance and room?

Yes, you can customize your cat's appearance with costumes, hats, glasses, and more. You can also customize your cat's room interior-decoration in the game.

Is "With My CAT" a free-to-play game?

Yes, "With My CAT" is a free-to-play cat simulation game. You can start a new life with your kitty without any cost.
Hi it's VERY fun and cute The only thing I don't really like is it won't let you change the cat type
Layla Roberts
Amzing definitely download
Gunnyboy tj
I love this game its so fun and very cute!😍
Brooklyn Barber