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About Catopedia - Merge Idler

Create a pair for cats in your house.
Cats, rebuilding and construction of rooms and house, interesting quests and entertainments - all this awaits you in Catopedia. Combine everything you see, get something better, combine what you received - and so on!

In a distant forest in the meadow there was an abandoned and destroyed house. Cute cats found it and decided to turn it into their sweet home. Let's help charming cats to restore the beauty of the house and equip it!

Match the cats to improve the house. Then combine cats to get a good breed!

Improve the house and raise cats - and happy coincidences will surprise you!


• Discover over 150 fantastic objects to match, combine and interact in 100 challenges!
• Rebuild, improve and decorate your house and its rooms!
• Discover all kind of cats
• Catch the amusing birdie and get prizes
• Take part in a tournament with friends around the world and get weekly rewards.
• Combine cats that will earn you gold and treasures.
• Gather a collection of 40 cats

Download the game now and find out what the combination of cats leads to.

The game is optimized for tablets.

Nadine Montes
Cute and fun
Delia Rockwell
I absolutely love the cats. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves cats.
Eva Ramsey