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About Nature Strikes Back

The Natural World is under attack by the MuckMonger Pollution Army of evil Mucklings and MuckMares! This dark army is now assaulting the entrance to Deep Earth where the Heart of Nature is kept. They must not be allowed to enter or all will be lost!

But Nature is not completely defenseless! - Natural Guardian Spirits have emerged from the Deep Earth to defend Nature against the onslaught of the Mucklings and MuckMares - but we need your help!

Merge the Natural Spirits to create stronger Guardians and strategically arrange them on the Last Patch in front of the entrance to Deep Earth to fight off the never-ending waves of Mucklings and defeat the MuckMare bosses.

“Nature Strikes Back” combines the best aspects from merge games, tower defense games, and idle games into a unique gaming experience with fantasy elements and cute characters.

*Nature Strikes Back is a Merge Game!
Merge the Natural Spirits to unlock the cute characters that are ever stronger Guardian Spirits!

*Nature Strikes Back is a Tower Defense Game!
Nature needs your help to defend the entrance to the Deep Earth and the Heart of Nature!

*Nature Strikes Back is also an Idle Game!
Even while you are away, you can continue to defend Nature and earn rewards!

Merge and unlock 60+ cute Natural Guardian Spirits!
Defeat waves and waves of the Pollution Army of Mucklings and the boss Muckmares!
Recycle your extra Natural Guardian Spirits for rewards!
Continue to defend the entrance to Deep Earth even while you’re idle!

Nature Strikes Back is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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So goooooooo9oooooooood game is it
Utkarsh Thakur
Adrish Chakraborty
Good game
Jacob Webb
Great game
It's so fun
George Stephen Forto
Very fun