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About Clip Studio Paint - Drawing & Painting app -

Up to 3 months free with your first plan, and one hour free every day on smartphones!
The artist's tool for drawing, painting, comics, and animation, loved by professionals.

The top drawing app for manga & comics is available on Android & Chromebook.
With more than 9 million users worldwide*, Clip Studio Paint is the most popular drawing & painting app on the graphics app market**, and is the go-to drawing & painting app for world-class social networking site*** users.
-Supports S Pen pressure sensitivity on compatible Samsung Galaxy devices
-Full connectivity with Wacom One (through DeX mode on Galaxy devices) and Wacom Intuos tablets (Chromebook devices will be supported at a later date)

Professional Testimonials
"I really love the brush behaviour. I always like to paint with a traditional style and the way the brushes blend colors is fantastic."
-Nacho Yagüe, Concept Artist

"What I like about Clip Studio Paint is it is focused on features for the needs of comic book or manga artists. [...] why take the bus if you have a Ferrari?"
-Dave Gibbons, Comic artist

“It instantly became one of my favorite art programs. It’s packed with features, yet intuitive enough at the same time so the barrier to entry feels low making the workspace approachable.”
-Vicki Tsai, Illustrator

"I really enjoy using Clip Studio Paint. It’s very responsive, lightweight, and has an intuitive user interface. I also like that I can both animate and illustrate using the same software."
-Jason Chng Oon Seong, OLM (“Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon”) animator.

Drawing & Painting
-Various pens/brushes to comfortably draw comics & manga, illustrations, and sketches
-Natural, realistic pen strokes for drawing
-Vector formats to draw comics that can be scaled without losing quality
-Fully posable 3D drawing figures to study composition and sketching
-A vast array of rulers for accurate drawing and sketching
-Neat, smooth color filling tools for comfortable painting and drawing

Manga, Comics, & Webtoons
-Unlimited screen tones for manga & comics
-Full text balloon and handwritten text support
-Smoothly draw complicated frame borders
-All the management features you need to make manga & comics
-Pre-installed materials and fonts for comics

The perfect app for sketching & illustration
-Various brushes (pencils, watercolors, oil paint, etc.) to enjoy sketching
-Import Adobe Photoshop brushes
-Import & export SVG files & link to Adobe Illustrator
-Create time-lapses

Professional grade animation drawing functions
-Refer to a picture while drawing with the light table function

*Survey by CELSYS
**BCN Award and ranking calculated by number of sales through Amazon and nationwide retailers in the graphics software category
***Calculated by CELSYS from figures announced on pixiv (2015/12~)

● Target Devices and Specifications
・Android 9 or later (ARM32/ARM64)
・Minimum 6GB free storage space
・Internet connection is required to authenticate the app
・ Minimum 3GB memory required, 6GB or more recommended
・ 6"+ display recommended
・ 3GB or more memory required, 6GB or more recommended
・ 10.4"+ display recommended
・ChromeOS supporting Android 9 (ARM32/x86/x86_64)
・Minimum 4GB memory required, 8GB or more recommended
・WXGA (1280 x 768) or higher recommended

● About Clip Studio Accounts
You will need to log in with a free Clip Studio account use the Clip Studio Paint app.

● About in-app purchases
In-app purchases are required to save the canvas and export it to various file formats on Android tablets and Chromebooks.
In-app purchases are required to use all the features of the app on a smartphone with no time limit.

Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

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1 hour a day is generous. And 6$ a year subscription is reasonable for this app.
Ure2 Grit
This is useful great technique of unique abd they have pose no matter what I used right now. (。・ρ・) I can still launch it that saves your art gallery from art cloud system (。・ρ・)
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People are saing really bad things about this app.. well they are wrong, this is the best drawing app ever rip ibis paint and flipaclip
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