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About Nap: Notification History Timeline and Manager

🌈🧠 More tranquility and less stress: dismiss your notifications and check them later.

🧰 Use Nap to:
• save your notifications — keep a notification history log for all your applications
• schedule naps:
◦ naps allow you to automatically dismiss notifications of selected applications
◦ by the end of each nap, you receive a summary of all the dismissed notifications
◦ for each nap, you can configure which interruptions are allowed and automatically change your device’s 'Do Not Disturb' mode
• snooze notifications — create a reminder for later and dismiss notifications
• star notifications — check notifications later in the ‘Saved’ feed
• create personalized feeds — filter your notifications by application, sorted by date and time
• search notifications by their content or application

🔒 Nap respects your privacy:
• Nap does not require you to provide any personally identifiable information and no personal information is collected directly by Nap
• To process purchases and collect Log Data, Nap uses third-party services owned by Google that might collect information used to identify you
• Sensitive Data: Nap stores data of your notifications and applications installed on your device
• Sensitive Data is stored locally on your device
• Nap supports Android's Auto Backup feature that may automatically back up Sensitive Data, by uploading it to your Google Drive
• Before Nap can read your notifications, you must grant it access in Android's Notification Access page
• Usage Data: Nap might collect aggregated, anonymous user data regarding its usage
• Usage Data is solely used to improve Nap
• Log Data: Nap collects error reports through third-party services owned by Google
• Log Data may include information of your device, Nap and its usage, and, in rare instances, small traces of your Sensitive Data
• If you value the way your information is handled, you should review Nap's Privacy Policy periodically at

ℹ️ About:
• Nap was created and is developed by João Martins Costa
◦ follow João at:
◦ follow Nap at:
• Nap is free and will never have ads. Development is supported by you

❤️ A huge thank you to everyone who is supporting or has supported Nap development!

THE APP IS AMAZING. Exactly what I needed, I wish I could pay the donation ): Edit: App works as expected, good features and very polished UI, the developer is also a very good person, who appreciates feedba...
Wonderful app
Srinivas D
100% the best notification manager and history app I've found. Brings sanity to out of control notifications. Feeds allows me to focus on what's important. Small workflow stuff: When deleting notifications, ...
Chris Lee