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About MyKokoon

MyKokoon is a digital therapeutic solution for sleep, powered by Kokoon’s biometric sleep headphones. We focus on creating a unique, audio experience for sleep, to help escape from the stresses of every day.

Sleep Content library
Apply audio techniques from our sound library to mask sound, relax the body, soothe the mind and escape from the every day in our original content library. Includes meditations, soundscapes, and music designed specifically to improve falling and staying asleep.

Adaptive audio experience
Our headphones enable a comfortable listening experience and monitoring of sleep. With MyKokoon, users can configure their sleep audio to adapt to their sleeping stage: pause your sounds, power off your headphones, or fade audio out into coloured noise to protect your sleep from disturbance.

Personalised pathway to improve your sleep
Everyone’s sleep is unique. Use our data tracking and insights to build an understanding of your sleep, and receive sleep science content, insights and guidance personalised to you. Grounded in clinical best practice Kokoon helps improve both sleep quality, efficiency and a healthy relationship with sleep.

Key features

- Original content library
- Sleep schedule
- Configurations for adaptive audio
- Sleep tracking & reporting
- Audio integrations