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About Storyvoice: live storytelling

Every night, tune into Storyvoice to listen to storytellers from around the world read live, interactive bedtime stories. Listen to stories in multiple languages, follow along with a global audience, and practice your pronunciation and comprehension skills.

Storyvoice is on a mission to bring the benefits and wonder of bedtime stories to everyone. Whether you are learning a new language or are a parent looking to expand your child’s vocabulary, Storyvoice offers a highly engaging and educational storytelling experience for every listener.

Download Storyvoice and take part in your first live storytelling experience tonight!

Thank you for your lovely sorry for it Nike and see you soon see you on love from Nathan,
Nathan Watts
It is one of the coolest, hands on App developed ever. Simple and easy to use, Storyvoice has the potential to make a difference for children and Storytellers across the world.
Leena Satuluri
princess fofo