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About Speakia: Kids English Fun

Conversational cartoons in a virtual world that help kids speak English with confidence!

***Download Speakia and try it for free!***
Study abroad without leaving home! Speak English like a native speaker.

Welcome to Speakia, a virtual American town in your living room. Speakia is the missing piece of your child’s English learning- an affordable, on-demand conversational English environment at home!

Cutting-edge voice technology transports your child to a life-like English world with conversational cartoon friends!

With real-life topics and scenarios, your child will speak the same English American kids speak every day.

Speak English anytime, anywhere for affordable, accelerated results in a gamified, life-like environment that kids actually enjoy.

*How Speakia Works*
Step 1 - Visit Speakia everyday for a 10 minute English Speaking Mission.
Step 2 - Learn new, modern vocabulary, key sentence structures, and native-sounding pronunciation.
Step 3 - Apply your knowledge in true-to-life conversations.
Step 4 - Hang out for a chat in Speakia’s English speaking town.
Step 5 - Watch your spoken English accelerate with engaging, systematic, daily practice.

*From Speakia’s biggest fans- kids, parents and teachers!*

“The app design is realistic and beautiful. Speakia’s learning content is closely related to daily life. If parents encourage their children to learn everyday, or parents use Speakia together with their children, their spoken English will improve rapidly.”
- Luella- English teacher

It’s great that my child can speak English everyday, and also great that I don’t have to force them to sit down and study. My child speaks much more English in Speakia than they do in English class!
- Lucy (parent of an 8 year old girl)

I like playing Speakia. I can talk with my cartoon friends in English. I don’t feel scared and embarrassed to speak English anymore!
- Duke (6 years old)

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