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About Hexa 2.0 Bitcoin App

Start exploring the world of Bitcoin with a wallet that’s safe and fun to use.

Wallet Features:
• Learn to use the wallet with the preloaded Test Account.

• Part of wallet setup (which takes less than 2 minutes) is the first level of backup called Automated Cloud Backup. This ensures you don’t lose your wallet due to loss of phone. You can easily re-create your wallet on another phone with Automated Cloud Backup.

• Hexa has multiple accounts for different purposes. The Checking Account is for small transactions. The Savings Account (technically called a multisig account) uses 2FA and unlocks at Level 2 Backup, for long term hodling. The Swan Account is an auto-withdrawal account for automatic periodic sats purchase. You can create as many accounts (of different types) as need be.

• A special account is the Donation Account that allows you to raise funds in bitcoin from around the world. More on that in our explainer video on Hexa Wallet’s Youtube.

• Hexa has 3 levels of Backup in total. You can upgrade your backup as you slowly grow confident of using the wallet and start holding more and more sats in the wallet.

• Get bitcoin directly into the wallet with any of the compatible exchanges like Ramp, Wyre or Swan Bitcoin.

A note to the Bitcoin Community: Hexa wallet has been made by passionate Bitcoiners. It will always be Bitcoin-only, non-custodial, privacy focused and aligned with the ethos of Bitcoin.

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Amazing.. loves the simplicity and effective design
Smitha Mohandas
Very nice app
Sheela Tapadia
UI/UX is just off the charts, plus I own my Pvt keys, matched the true spirit of bitcoin ownership.
shashank karmakar
Nice app.. easy to use and understand.. secure way of storing your Bitcoins...
Mandeep Singh Grewal