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About FriendyCar - Rent a car

With Friendycar - rent a car app you can book a rental car from a real person in just a few seconds, it is the first leading marketplace in Middle East for car owners to turn their depreciated cars into an earning engine and car borrowers to enjoy a safe and rewarding experience.

A vibrant community with over than 400 cars to get you to your destination whether you seek to rent a car for a luxurious weekend get away or to rent a classic car for a family trip and transportation.

A 100% online service for car rental was put in place to insure the convenience you deserve while insuring a competitive price all year long. Your desired car can be booked one day in advance starting for a minimum of one day and no maximum duration.

With all cars being fully insured leaves no room for doubt or risk for our valuable customers.

Hitting the road? (Borrowers)
- Register in less than one minute and insert the dates you wish to have a car in
- Search cars with or without driver that are available instantly in your area
- Book the car and pay online
- Pick the car or have it delivered to your location

Car owner and care to make money?
- Add couple of pictures of your car and specifications
- Set the daily rental you wish to have, in addition to weekly and monthly discounts
- Receive car rental requests to accept or decline
- Meet the borrower to hand over the car

What makes this app a super convenient one?
- User can filter by car type (sedan, SUVs, …), number of seats, and if the car is available with or without a driver
- Sort by price
- Car delivery feature
- Chatting with the car owner directly
- 100% online payment
- Tracking of past, current and coming requests
- Dedicated customer support team available around the clock

Car rental locations:
Car rental Egypt, Car Rental Cairo, Car rental Alexandria, Car rental Alex, Car rental Giza, Cairo airport car rental.

Car rental options:
Nissan Sunny, Nissan Sentra, Optra, Kia Cerato, Lancer, Verna, Audi, Toyota Corolla, …

فريندي كار هو الموقع الأول والرائد في مجال إيجار السيارات الذي يخدم الشرق الأوسط. إنها تجربة بسيطة ,آمنة ومجزية لأصحاب السيارات وسريعة بأسعار سيارات تنافسية لمستاجري السيارات.
توفر فريندي كار لمستخدميها موقع متطور
يُمكن الأعضاء من تصفح جميع السيارات المتاحة في الأيام المرادة والتواصل مع مالكي السيارات لطلب ايجار سيارتهم و الدفع من خلال الموقع في أقَل من 5 دقائق.

وداعا لمتابعة أسعار السيارات في مصر والخارح ومتابعة سوق السيارات وان الاوان لاستبدال فكرة شراء السيارات المستعملة و الجديدة بفكرة اجار سيارة تناسب كل رحلة

وداعا لتكاليف صيانة السيارات وتأمين السيارات وقروض السيارات وأقساطها .. الان ضع سيارتك علي موقع فريندي كار وأجعلها تقوم بدفع فواتيرك نيابة عنك

مميزات الخدمة
أكبر سوق لايجار السيارات في مصر
أفضل اسعار لايجار السيارات
سهولة الاستخدام
خصومات مستمرة علي اسعار السيارات
حل بديل لبيع السيارات المستعملة

أماكن الخدمة:
ايجار السيارات القاهرة
ايجار السيارات إسكندرية
ايجار السيارات مصر
ايجار السيارات مطار القاهرة

أنواع السيارات:
اوبل، اودي، استون مارتن، ايسوزو، سبيرانزا، ام جي، انفينيتي، بروتون، بريليانس، بونتياك، بويك، بي ام دبليو، بي واي دي، بيجو، تويوتا، جي ام سي، جاك، جيلي، دايهاتسو، دايو، مرسيدس، سوبارو، سوزوكي، فيات، سيات، شيفروليه، فولكس فاجن، كرايسلر، كيا، لادا، ميتسوبيشي، هوندا، هيونداى

Find out more on:
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Contact us on +20 1098588881 , +20 1015555391, +20 1029999053

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is FriendyCar?

FriendyCar is an app for renting cars from real people in the Middle East. It is a leading marketplace for car owners to earn money by renting out their cars and for car borrowers to have a safe and rewarding experience.

How can I book a rental car with FriendyCar?

You can book a rental car with FriendyCar by registering in less than one minute, searching for available cars in your area, booking the car online, and picking it up or having it delivered to your location.

Are all the cars fully insured?

Yes, all the cars on FriendyCar are fully insured, ensuring no doubt or risk for our valuable customers.

What features does the app offer for car borrowers?

The app offers features such as filtering by car type, number of seats, and availability with or without a driver, sorting by price, car delivery, direct chatting with the car owner, 100% online payment, and tracking of past, current, and coming requests.

How can car owners make money with FriendyCar?

Car owners can make money with FriendyCar by adding pictures and specifications of their car, setting the desired daily rental price with weekly and monthly discounts, receiving rental requests, and meeting the borrower to hand over the car.

What car rental locations are available?

FriendyCar offers car rental locations in Egypt, Cairo, Alexandria, Alex, and Giza, including Cairo airport car rental.

What car rental options are available?

FriendyCar offers a variety of car rental options such as Nissan Sunny, Nissan Sentra, Optra, Kia Cerato, Lancer, Verna, Audi, Toyota Corolla, and more.

What are the unique advantages of using this app?

The unique advantages of using FriendyCar include a user-friendly interface, competitive car rental prices, continuous discounts, and an alternative solution to buying used or new cars.

How can I contact FriendyCar?

You can contact FriendyCar through the phone numbers +20 1098588881, +20 1015555391, or +20 1029999053.
Affordable cars very useful and comfortable
Yasmine Khaled
It was a great experience this people is very professional
Mohamed Ahmed
I benefited from this application and I recommend it for everyone
sherif m
it is a great service I was waiting for such service in egypt as it is very safe and very professional . The application just need some updates but the website is very good u can all use it directly.
Amal Mohamed
Very helpful app & the costumer service is just professional!
Sara Hesham
A great service i recommend it for everyone it is very safe and very professional team.
Ahmed Shaker