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About Bookingauto - Airport car rental

The Bookingauto app is your assistant in renting a car all around the world. It’s made by travelers for travelers to make your trip easier. Using Bookingauto you can choose a perfect car for your journey and save up to 70%.

Car rental near me
The function “car rental nearby” is a great way to find a car fast and easy. It is available in 400000+ cities in the world. Car rental deals become more accessible.

Airport car rental
Check our special offers for airport car rental.

One way car rental
With the Bookingauto app you can also get the service “one way car rental” that is often more profitable than going by taxi or train. You just need to enter details of your trip and select a car.

Car rental comparison
The Bookingauto app offers cheap prices thanks to car rental comparison. We cooperate with the best car rental companies, that’s why we have convenient and safe autos for booking.

Why Bookingauto?
• Cheap car rentals with greatest possible discounts.
• Free cancelations or amendments of your order 24 hours before the rental.
• No hidden fees. You won’t be charged for any administrative fees. The final price is indicated at booking a car and in the rental conditions.
• Users can get online support 24/7 from our international customer service center.
• We offer vehicles of any class: standard, mini, economy, business, luxury etc.

Via Bookingauto travelers from all over the world can reach their destinations with comfort and at the lowest cost. The variety of offers and car rental companies, as well as the best algorithm of car rental comparison ensure the best car rental deals.
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Bookingauto?

Bookingauto is an app that helps travelers rent cars worldwide and offers discounts of up to 70%.

How does the "car rental nearby" function work?

The "car rental nearby" function allows you to quickly and easily find a car in over 400,000 cities worldwide, making car rental deals more accessible.

What special offers are available for airport car rental?

Bookingauto offers special deals for airport car rental.

Can I book a one-way car rental through the Bookingauto app?

Yes, the Bookingauto app offers the service of one-way car rental, which can often be more cost-effective than other modes of transportation.

How does car rental comparison work on the Bookingauto app?

The Bookingauto app offers cheap prices by comparing car rental options. They partner with the best car rental companies to provide convenient and safe cars for booking.

What are the advantages of using Bookingauto?

Bookingauto offers cheap car rentals with great discounts, free cancellations or amendments 24 hours before the rental, no hidden fees, 24/7 online customer support, and a wide range of vehicle classes to choose from.

How does Bookingauto ensure the best car rental deals?

Bookingauto offers a variety of offers from different car rental companies and uses the best car rental comparison algorithm to ensure the best deals for users.

How can I contact Bookingauto?

You can visit or reach their support team at [email protected].
Great app but local language shows incorrectly
Kazi Rizwan
Best app so far. Its simple to use. I highly recommend this app!
Beautiful Relaxing Sounds
Good up but has a few bugs that need to be worked out. Sometimes it switches to another language. I had to change back.
Brandy Smith
Best app of the year, simple to use wide range of locations. This app is heaven for the people who loves to travel it offers everything you want hotels, car on rent and flight booking highly recommended..!
Daneyaal Janjua
The best rental car app I have used. It help me finds the cheapest rentals and fast booking, makes my life so much easier! Better than booking direct with a car rental.
alimi kazeem
Good experience! Great deals for cars!
Sendija Jumike