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About IQ-Rider

The IQ-Rider application gives you the ability to call for a TAXI transportation.

By using the app u can:

Call immediately for a Taxi

See your position on the map

Choose with the ease of a Tap of your finger where you want to get picked from

Locate nearby Taxi’s

Declare the number of TAXI’s you want

Express special needs (Foreign language speaking driver, pet transportation, large or special luggage)

Arrange appointments for scheduled transportation

See your calls history

Get informed for the TAXI that will pick you up and monitor its course on the map as it comes to you and during your transportation.

Send direct messages to the driver

Cancel your call

Evaluate the driver and the vehicle that serviced you

Participate to Campaigns!
A new tab shows all the active campaigns and keeps you up to date.
Now you can take part to competitions or lotteries and use your promo codes.
Enjoy your rides, collect as many points as you can and chose the campaign of your desire.

Push Notification for your communication with the driver.
Photoreal map display.
New Invite and Share feature.

For this application to operate corectly it is necessary to create and register a new account. To activate the account a unique code will be sent via sms to your mobile phone number.

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Fast service, easy to use!
Miranda Andreou Ousta