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About Ruler+ (Donation)

This is a paid version to support the developer, a free (identical, without ads) version is available on the Play Store!

A simple, user-friendly and accurate ruler for your phone!

Use a coin or a credit card to calibrate the ruler anywhere, when you don't have a real ruler with you!

- Ad free, for real, forever!
- Pick your units: fractional inches, decimal inches, centimeters or millimeters
- Calibrate your ruler with a credit card to get you started anytime, anywhere
- Don't have a credit card with you? Calibrate your ruler with a coin!
- Calibrate your ruler with a real ruler to achieve the best precision in your measurement transfers
- Manually set the ruler to a known length for accurate measurements
- Night mode to save battery (on AMOLED screens) and to relieve your eyes at night
- Save your measurements for future use
- No permission required

Update history:

3.5 -- Millimeters, set to predefined length
3.3 -- Calibrate with a credit card, remove saved measurements from history
3.2 -- Fractional display of measurements in inches
3.0 -- Android Material theme and new scale for measurements in inches
2.1 -- Calibrate with a coin, default calibration button (reset)
2.0 -- You can now save your measurements
1.7 -- Night mode to save battery and/or read more easily at night
1.6 -- Added default calibration for common devices (Nexus series, Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note 1, 2 and 3)

Very straightforward app. I like being able to alternate between entering the desired dimension manually by touch and by numerical value.
Evelyn Lee
Very useful
Rajendran Giritharan
Awesome tool from field measuring to conversions. Can the resolution be changed (0.x to 0.xxxx dec, and to 1/64 frac. selectable)? How modifiable is the code? Just curious. But great tool nonetheless 😊
J Alvi