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Animatch Friends - cute match 3 Free puzzle game Screenshot 0
Animatch Friends - cute match 3 Free puzzle game Screenshot 1
Animatch Friends - cute match 3 Free puzzle game Screenshot 2
Animatch Friends - cute match 3 Free puzzle game Screenshot 3
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About Animatch Friends - cute match 3 Free puzzle game

Animatch Friends is an addictive puzzle game with cute animals 😺🐶🦜🐵 . It is a logic game full of humor and positive vibes that appeal to kids and adults alike.
It is your new key to carefree relaxation and great fun – and a way to hone your perception at the same time!

Want to help your animal friends? Find out what happened on the paradise island 🏝

Far, far away, by the blue lagoon… cute animals lived a lovely life: they had fun, danced, played volleyball – they were overflowing with joy. But now their paradise is in danger!!! The island now faces the menace of the imperious Flea King and his bunch of pesky fleas.
Now Theodor the cat 😺 and Doggo the dog🐶, along with their pack of frisky friends, need your help. Solve ingenious puzzles to help the animals find their friends and defeat the obnoxious Flea King…whoaaaaa!

Explore all the islands – a coconut jungle, a sunny beach, a peaceful flower meadow, and even a mysterious mine – in order to collect all of the Animatch Friends. Remember: the more animals you find, the more they will help you in the game!

Experience an amazing adventure while sailing on an exotic cruise ⛵️to beautiful and mysterious places. Travel from island to island with your new companions. Stand on board and peek into your friends’ cabins. See how their skills develop and how their characters evolve. Unleash the fluff!

Get to know all the animals and discover their potential. You decide which Animatch friend will join you before each level. Give them a name and use their help in the game. Learn what powers a parrot🦜, a chameleon🦎 , or an octopus 🐙have, and learn how to use them in order to clear levels faster and with more style.

Unique game features:

⭐️ Name your in-game friends!
⭐️ Play the puzzles – 3 difficulty levels
⭐️ Train your memory and perception
⭐️ Match 3 elements – create explosive chains of pieces
⭐️ Enjoy many hours of pure fun – lots of levels to complete
⭐️ Feast your eyes on the polished and rich graphics – discover the beauty of each island
⭐️ Play for free – a fun and addictive puzzle for the entire family
⭐️ Enjoy the game even offline

The game is based on the match 3 mechanics, which means you need to swap adjacent elements in order to place 3 or more similar pieces either in a string (L-, I-, or T-shaped) or in a square. It’s good to use special blocks – they often explode like fireworks – to remove obstacles from the board. Don’t forget about your animals’ unique skills! Additionally, on each level you will get a set of tasks to complete for rewards.

The most exciting moment in the game is opening the treasure chest. Be sure to find out what is inside!

Play with your entire family – the casual gameplay provides lots of fun for both kids and grown-ups. Hone your perception by looking for pieces of the same shape and color. Pleasing to the eye, the game is sure to make your day. Play and learn – it’s so simple!

Play any time and any place – this mobile game is available both online and offline. Play your way!
Play Animatch Friends today and experience an amazing adventure!😍

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Animatch Friends is an addictive puzzle game with cute animals 😺🐶🦜🐵 ....

Like the game.
Felicia E Wright
This game is cute 🤭
Nellybelly Rac
Awesome game but I think level 30 needs work on a maintenance update or something
Olivia Laferriere
So far so good. You can name your pets! You can even rename them too! It makes you smile. And this game is cute! Just found out you can join a team at level 20. 😊❤
Death Creeps
Adorable ga me game and fun to play
Dorothy Crist
Great game!