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About FindAir – Asthma Diary

FindAir application is a smart asthma diary for your smartphone. No more manually filling in data every time you use your medicine. With FindAir, you can easily add all information with single clicks and monitor your progress to better understand your asthma.

The key to proper asthma therapy is relevant data. Without it, neither you nor your doctor is able to make the right decisions. The app helps you easily collect data about every use of your rescue and regular drugs, your treatment progress, as well as environmental information such as air pollution, weather conditions and allergens in your area. FindAir also allows you to monitor the number of doses you have left in the packaging and predict when it will end.

Moreover, the application connects to the FindAir ONE device - a smart add-on for inhalers. This device allows you to monitor your treatment progress more precisely, generate reports for yourself as well as your doctor and receive real-time notifications of hazards in the environment.

The FindAir application is one of the most popular asthma diaries in the world and has been appreciated by asthmatics and specialists from all over Europe

Basic functionalities of the FindAir application:

+ Asthma diary filled-in with single clicks (drug intake, peak flow, symptoms, notes)
+ View the status of all your rescue and regular drugs in one place
+ Information on possible triggers your asthma attacks
+ Warnings about hazards in the area
+ Reminders to take medication
+ Reports on treatment progress for you and your doctor
+ Integration with the FindAir ONE device for monitoring inhalers

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So far has helped me a lot with the busy lifestyle I have it reminds me to take my inhalers thank you so much
I have moderate asthma. This app is very helpful because now know how many puffs I've got left.
Lego Bricks Fan
Good, clear and easy to use thanks
Lorna Roberts