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About Permission Pilot

Permission Pilot is a new kind of app to help you review apps and their permissions.

With each Android update permissions are getting more complex.
Android showing permissions in various different locations, doesn't make it easier to review them:

* App Info page
* Special Access
* Permissions Manager
* and more...

Permission Pilot lists all permissions in a single location, giving you a bird's eye view of app permissions.

Two perspectives are available: You can either view all permissions an app requests, or view all apps that request a permission.

Apps tab
All installed apps, including system apps and work profile apps.
Clicking on any app will list all permissions that the app has requested, including those that show up under Permissions Manager and Special Access, along with their status.
This will also include internet permissions, SharedUserID status!

Permissions tab
All permissions that exist on your device, including those that show up under Permissions Manager and Special Access.
Permissions are pre-grouped for easier navigation, e.g. Contacts, Microphone, Camera, etc.
Clicking on a permission shows all the apps that request access to that permission.

Apps and permissions can be searched using free-text, sorted and filtered by different criteria.

Permission pilot is ad-free and has no tracking or analytics.
An in-app purchase can be bought to support development and remove a little "donation nag" dialog that shows every few launches.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Permission Pilot?

Permission Pilot is an app that helps you review apps and their permissions on Android devices.

Why is reviewing permissions important?

Reviewing permissions is important because with each Android update, permissions are becoming more complex and can be found in different locations, making it difficult to track and review them.

What does Permission Pilot provide?

Permission Pilot provides a single location to view all app permissions, giving you a clear overview of the permissions requested by each app.

What are the two perspectives available in Permission Pilot?

Permission Pilot allows you to view all permissions requested by an app or view all apps that request a specific permission.

What information does the Apps tab provide?

The Apps tab lists all installed apps, including system apps and work profile apps, along with the permissions requested by each app. It also includes internet permissions and SharedUserID status.

What information does the Permissions tab provide?

The Permissions tab lists all permissions present on your device, pre-grouped for easier navigation. Clicking on a permission shows all the apps that request access to that specific permission.

Can apps and permissions be searched and filtered in Permission Pilot?

Yes, you can search for apps and permissions using free-text and sort or filter them based on different criteria.

Is Permission Pilot free?

Yes, Permission Pilot is ad-free and does not have any tracking or analytics. However, there is an option for in-app purchase to support development and remove a donation nag dialog that appears occasionally.

Can Permission Pilot be used on iOS devices?

No, Permission Pilot is specifically designed for Android devices.
Excellent.. one of the most complete permissions descriptions apps out there, easy to understand, clearly explained. Just an all around easy to use, and understand app.
Cornelius Mirandus
Heh, uwu
John Oliver Abella
Sahadat Hossain