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About That's My Blue Crayon!

"That's My Blue Crayon!" is a great story about friendships and sharing. Mavo, our adventurer from The Baobab series, loves the color blue and has a favorite blue crayon. One day, in art class, the blue crayon disappears - what will Mavo do?

This storybook app features:

Incredible storytelling by Rosa Lee Timm, renowned Deaf performer, storyteller, and artist.

Original artwork is by internationally acclaimed Deaf artist, Yiqiao Wang.

Over 200 vocabulary words (signed and fingerspelled), and is based on VL2 research to support literacy development.

Fingerspelled words help young readers bridge the letters to words, and to the meaning and overall story structure.

Three modes to support reading development: WATCH, READ, and LEARN. In the WATCH mode, young readers get full ASL exposure through ASL storytelling with art and animations. (Enjoy it like you would enjoy a short TV episode!). READ mode features page-by-page sentence videos with highlighted vocabulary words, that has a video when tapped. The vocabulary videos show a word signed and fingerspelled. In LEARN mode, all the vocabulary words are listed in one place --- perfect for parents, siblings, family and friends learning new ASL signs and it's a great place for young readers to review their ability to comprehend and remember words/signs.

Be sure to check the other stories in our collection! Our award-winning VL2 Storybook Apps are for readers between 3-8 years old.