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About How to Draw

Do you want to learn How to Draw ? do you like a lot of drawings and you want to draw theme ?
So you're in the right app .How to draw is a drawing apps to learn How to Draw Step by Step .
How to Draw is a "drawing app" to learn How to draw from beginning to master.
You will discover in this "drawing" app "How to Draw" a lot of lessons from easy to hard lesson like
How to draw 3d and How to draw a wolf and How to draw animals and how to draw people .
You will learn from a lot of drawings like wolf drawing,3d drawing ,people drawing,animal drawing,eye drawing ,face drawing, man and woman drawing, celebreties drawing
after installing this app how to draw ,take your pencil crayon and you will find many categories,in category how to draw animals you will find how to draw by pencil a wolf,drawing a cat ,how to draw birds ,Tricks to learn to draw step by step horses,lions, elephant, dogs,crab,a fox,a tiger,a giraffe,a bear, a panther,chicken,Penguin
How to Draw is a painting app you can through this drawing app be master . you can share in this app every lesson when you finish a lesson.
By following how to draw app, you will have techniques skills,and powerful tools every drawing artist must have to be able to sketch your picture, your portrait by your pencil or crayon,
or to sketch any beloved person by pencil or crayon .
don't hesitate to install this app to be able and to self learn to make nice pencil sketch without using any effect or app for pencil sketch , it just by take your pencil with you hand and draw it
How to Draw gives a lot of suggestion of drawings to draw it.
After using "How to Draw" you will be able to draw images .
Enjoy and Have fun with "How to Draw"

It is a lovely app I'm so addicted to the app
Bobby Soneye
Very nice app for starters..........
Kumari Kajal
This is a really good app! I really like it a lot! I've improved on my realistic drawings with this app. There's many things to learn how to draw, but I see A LOT of realistic drawings, and they're very very...
Jocelyn Orn