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About Saver for Chinese TikTok

This application can download the Chinese version of Douyin videos without watermark, which is suitable for users to download and save videos/photos without watermark.

1. No need to log in. when you enter or paste the short video of Chinese Douyin(Chinese Tiktok), the link can be analyzed and the real media file url can be provided.
2. Automatically paste. The application automatically detects the content of the clipboard content, determines the content of the Douyin link, and opens the application to automatically paste the link.
3. Support video playback&browse photo.
4. You can share and delete pictures and videos.
5. Display downloaded pictures, video thumbnails, user avatars, user names, ID upload dates and other information, which is convenient for managing previews.

how to use

1. Open the Chinese Tiktok app and click the video sharing button.
2. Click the "Copy Link" option.
3. Open the Dsaver app and automatically paste the clipboard content into the input box.
4. Click the "Get" button.
5. Wait a few seconds to get the parsed content, and click the "Download" button to start downloading.

This application does not belong to ByteDance/Tiktok company and any of its subsidiaries, is not a third-party application of Tiktok, and is not affiliated with Tiktok company in any way.
The video download function provided by this application is only using for personal learning, entertainment and collection. The copyright of the video content belongs to the original video creator. Please respect the copyright creation of the Douyin video creator. Commercial use requires the consent of the original author.

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