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About Direct Energy Account Manager

Understand Your Energy Usage and Costs with the Direct Energy App!

The Direct Energy App is your trusted, on-the-go tool that can help you buy less of what we sell. And who doesn’t want to save on energy costs? It’s time you understand your energy bill and see how you can reduce your use and save. The Direct Energy App makes it easy to manage your account and energy usage from your fingertips! You’ll be able to monitor your daily energy usage (and what that means dollars and cents wise), what appliances use the most energy, and more. Plus, you can pay your bill, renew or transfer your service, enroll in rewards, and update your account settings all from your smartphone or tablet!


1. Download the App. It’s free!
2. Login with the same Username and Password as your Direct Energy Online Account Manager.
3. Activate PIN or Fingerprint authentication for easier and more secure access.
4. Once you’re logged in, start exploring all the App has to offer.


• PAY YOUR BILL: Schedule bill payments from your Credit Card or Bank Account, setup auto-pay so you don't have to remember to make your monthly payment, setup paperless billing on your account, or pay directly through the app!

• MONITOR ENERGY USAGE: With the Direct Your Energy usage insights tool, you can analyze your energy usage to make informed decisions that can help you use less energy. Compare your current usage with usage from prior days, weeks, and/or year to learn how energy is used in your home. View a breakdown of how your home products and appliances impact your electricity bill. Other features include bill estimates based on weather forecasts, usage comparison to similar homes in your area, and a home profile to help you improve your energy efficiency. [Texas Smart Meter Customers Only]

• RENEW YOUR SERVICE: Loving Direct Energy, but your current contract is about to expire? With the App you can easily renew your service! We’ll give you a range of available plans and rates available for your home, and you can choose the one that’s best for you.

• TRANSFER YOUR SERVICE: Are you moving to a new home? Want to bring Direct Energy with you? With the App you can easily set up move-in and move-out dates from your smartphone or table. [Available only to Texas customers]

• BIOMETRICS AND PIN LOGIN: Customers are now able to login to the Direct Energy App using either a PIN or your Fingerprint. This makes logging into the app more secure and easy for you!

• SWITCH BETWEEN MULTIPLE ADDRESSES: If you have multiple service locations, it's now easier than ever to access them all. With a single login, you'll be able to switch between all the service locations in your account.

For more information about the Direct Energy mobile app, please visit us online at

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Very good energy company. Good plans and rates. Fair prices. Good customer service. No problems in the 2 years I have used them.
Linda LeHue
Great service !!!
Jose Medellin
Justin Brandes
Satisfactory experience
Mariano Valdez
Easy, fast, I feel in control which is nice.
wxv quniuy
Direct Energy has been a great company for my electric needs. When my husband passed away they madd it so easy to transfer the service into my name. Then when I moved to s new address, it was effortless and ...
Ann Collins-Edmondson