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About CPU-z Plus - Hardware and System Info

CPU-z Plus - Hardware and System Info

CPU-z Plus is a free app that reports information about the device.

You can discuss with smarphone aficionados around the world to exchange ideas and share knowledge. You can ask questions or give answers.

View specifications for Bluetooth, GPU, RAM, storage, and other hardware on your phone or tablet. Find all details about your mobile networks including dual SIM and WiFi information. Get sensor data in real time. Learn more about your phone's operating system and architecture.

Monitor cpu temperature and frequency in real time, analyze cpu temperature and frequency history information, and support multi-core cpu monitoring.

CPU Handle Features:

- SoC (System on Chip) name, architecture, clock speed for each core;

- System information device brand and model, screen resolution, RAM, storage.

- Battery information: level, situation, temperature, capacity

- Sensors Info: Reports information about sensors such as accelerometer and magnetometer, including range, resolution, and power usage.

- Graphical Information: Provides information about GPU and video driver.


Displays all details about your SOC, CPU, GPU, memory, storage, bluetooth and other hardware including chip and manufacturer names, architecture, processor cores and big.LITTLE configuration, manufacturing process, frequencies, governor, type of memory and bandwidth, storage capacity, resolution, OpenGL and panel type.


Get all device information including codename, make, manufacturer, bootloader, radio, serial number, Android device ID version, security patch level and kernel. You can also check root, busybox, Knox status and other interesting information.


- INTERNET permission is required for online validation.

- STATUS network access to statistics.


Validation allows you to store the specification of your Android hardware device in a database. After validation, the program opens your validation URL in your current web browser. If you enter your email address (optional), an email with the validation link will be sent to you as a reminder.

If CPU-z Plus is closed abnormally (in case of error), the settings screen will be displayed at the next execution. You can use this screen to remove the main detection features of the application and run it.


• Internet Speed ​​Monitor - View current download and upload speed in notifications and combined speed in the status bar.

• Data Usage Monitor - Monitor data usage (daily, monthly) over mobile networks with beautiful graphics and WiFi.

• Battery Monitor - Battery level, temperature and voltage monitor with beautiful graphics.

• CPU Status - View the percentage of CPU runtime in frequency state from connected device.

A powerful and simple app that lets you know all the essential details about your phone.

You can also expect a full report from your Smartphone.

CPU-z Plus - Hardware and System Info provides users with all kinds of grouped and organized information.

Download the best for your device and stay on top of everything that happens with your Android device.

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