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About Moving Boxes

Is there a move and your last moves were chaotic? Not any longer longer!

With the app MOVING BOXES you manage your boxes and find everything by full-text search again.

- The inventory function helps you to find.

- Name and fill your boxes, you'll find everything again - faster than you ever thought.

- You can export and print the list of boxes and contents as PDF.

- "Where to go !?" - A color code and printable labels for the boxes help you and your helpers on the move day in the assignment of your belongings.

- Do you need help with your move? Look for partners in your area and link them for a smooth flow.

- Share your move with family and/or friends. They can help you too!

- Edit your move on any compatible device, or even in your browser.

Stressful moves are over with MOVING BOXES!

Why relocate with MOVING BOXES?

Because your smartphone is always there when you move.

It is quite a good app, havent found anything more adequate on the german market. Would be nice to have more features in that can help u move. But so far. Quite decent!
Mrs. H!Ness
Increase my rating for the app because the developer was responsive and was able to address my issues with the app thank you.
Ali Raza
It's very easy to use and is proving to be a great resource!!
Renae Flynn