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About FISHSURFING - social network for fishing


Fishsurfing is the fastest-growing social network for fishing, worldwide! A platform where you can share your catches, videos, experiences, and stories with hundreds of thousands of like-minded fishermen from across the globe. We have the largest database of private fisheries in Europe, you will find new locations to help you plan for your next fishing expedition.
Choose local guides from across Europe who know the areas like the back of their hands to get the most from your trip and help you catch the fish of your dreams.
From our fishing app, you will find inspiration from the community of thousands of anglers from all over the world every day. Find a new fishing buddy, share your tricks, and go catch together. Take advantage of this app to get to know different fishing cultures around the world.


From our international map, you can choose from more than 4,000 verified private fisheries, from river systems to lakes. Each of them offers a unique experience, so you can plan your trip to suit the style of fishing you prefer and the species you want to target. Do you have a dream country where you always wanted to fish? Thanks to our unique database, you can find a multitude of fishing points to get the most out of your trip.


Find a local guide at your destination to help you get the most out of your fishing trip. Do you want to try sea fishing, fly fishing, or ice fishing? It has never been easier to find a buddy in unexplored areas who will introduce you to his method of fishing. The application allows you to chat in your language with fishermen around the world thanks to the inbuilt translator in our chat area. If you are an experienced fisherman, you can easily create your in-app profile and become a fishing guide, completely free of charge.


Watch the fishing lives of your friends and fishing celebrities. Thanks to simple filters, you can choose the types of posts that really interest you. Set the filter to show posts of the species of fish or method of fishing you are interested in. Get inspired by daily photos of the world's most prolific catches and breathtaking fishing locations.


With easily filterable articles, you will be in the picture of what is happening in the fishing world, in all world languages. The app offers a variety of recommended fishing authors in each country. You can easily follow them by one click and never miss their stories thanks to the notifications. Read their articles in your native language thanks to an inbuilt language translator. Share your own fishing stories or experiences with other anglers and become a followed scribbler.


The GPS section offers not only tips for fishing locations, but also a guide to bricks-and-mortar fishing shops near you, where you will be able to find the necessary equipment for your trips.


Do you own a fishing store or fishing ground? Register as a company and add them to the largest European fishing application for FREE.


Please send us questions, comments or ideas for improvement at [email protected]

Great to find local peeps and also to know the local areas,
Jirka Selský
Great app, good idea, good to bring communities together, be good to be able to refine area you receive in your feed
caner fırat DEMİRTAŞ
This is a great app to have for fishermen. Get to see alot of photos and interact with other fishermen/fisherwomen.
Catherine Kirk