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About Dream Dictionary & Dream Journal – Dreamcatcher

Record your dreams & find the dreams meaning with Dream Dictionary & Dream Journal, the most comprehensive dream interpreter app. Your dreams can reveal so much about your life & future and that’s why it’s very useful to note down and find out the meaning of your night’s dreams, whether you have lucid dreams, wild dreams, nightmare, or sweet dreams.
Dreams happen when you are in REM sleep. When you are in the dream state, your unconscious will try to tell you something. People who are sensitive spiritually or emphatic may have more lucid dreams in their dream state. However, everyone has the same chance to understand what our night’s dreams are telling us during this REM sleep. You don’t have to be a psychic or someone with elevated empathic ability to try to listen to your unconscious mind during dream state. The dreams meaning doesn’t have to be about divining the future, it can be about something that has been bothering you for a while, or unfinished business with something or someone in the past.
🌒 Dreams Interpreter / Dictionary: Learn the dreams meaning.
🌒 Dreams calendar: Learn of the significance of the date for dream’s meaning.
🌒 Dreams Diary, Journal: Note your dream everyday
🌒 Relaxing sounds with nature sounds: help you sleep peacefully
🌒 Share your dreams with friends, whether they are lucid dreams, wild dreams, or sweet dreams.
You can also activate Daily notification to remind yourself to record your night’s dream.
We use several sources to help you divining & understanding your dreams:
🌟 Miller Dream dictionary
🌟 Vanga Dream book
🌟 Freud Dream book
🌟 Nostradamus Dreams dictionary
🌟 Hasse Dream book
🌟 Common Dream book
Use Search function to start looking for the dreams meaning. Look for keywords, the main point of your dreams. If you have very wild dreams or lucid dreams with so many things going on, you might be confused of which ones are the main theme. Try to look for every theme you can think of and see which ones seem to be the match with your situation.
Turn on the relaxing sounds and let your REM sleep takes you to the dream state. Find out all about your dreams with our Dreams Interpreter app!

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Simply the best..accuracy guaranteed..
Alick Kaieti
I love it so much
Rachel Fountain
A very helpful app.... But, we should always rely on Holy Spirit for further revelation.
Aina David