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About Zoom Ride Driver

Zoom Ride Driver is a new Rideshare service that will give you more control over your earnings, Are you tired of losing 50%+ of your fare just for using an app? Zoom Ride is the rideshare app you have been waiting for! Zoom Ride has taken the input of many experienced rideshare drivers and developed an app that gives drivers more options, higher earnings, and increased safety and work satisfaction.
Currently, the commission-based payment structures that are set in place by other rideshare services give the driver zero control over how much of their fare is taken to pay for their use of the company app. This results in driver losing up to 50%+ of their fares in app commissions and booking fees.
The Zoom Ride Solution:
Every 24 hours drivers can choose how they pay Zoom Ride for using the app. This gives drivers the flexibility to choose the pay model that best suits their needs on any given day.This gives drivers the flexibility to choose the model that best suits their needs on any given day.
Option 1: Driver pays a clearly defined percentage of each fare that doesn’t dramatically increase based on trip length or demand. The percentage rate option is great for part time drivers who only plan on driving for a short time that day.
Option 2: Driver pays a flat fee for the day and then the driver keeps 100% of all fares earned above that figure. This is great for the full time driver who intends to drive for a longer duration.
This structure allows drivers to make up to 50%-70% more than the current rideshare platforms because they can choose each and every day what option will benefit them the most.
Additional Zoom Ride Differences:
• Drivers will also not drive 20 minutes to pickup a 5 minute trip for minimum pay. In such instances the driver will receive extra compensation for the long pick-up.
• Under the current other rideshare platforms, long trips often aren’t worth it. You aren’t allowed to ask for a return fee, and who wants to lose all of their profit driving back empty? This is also no longer an issue with Zoom Ride. On longer trips drivers will automatically receive a higher rate to cover the additional cost of the return trip.
• Every driver has heard it before “I wish I could request you again!” Did you know that when a rider gets the same driver again they typically tip about 27% on the second trip? Now riders can create a favorite drivers list. If their favorite driver is available in the area when they request, that driver will receive the ride request first. Bigger tips, here you go!
• Often customers just want to run errands, but you make literal pennies for wait time at stops. Zoom Ride eliminates this problem by offering riders the option to book by the hour with unlimited stops, but only in the market. This means that drivers will receive a proper flat pay for that hour that compensates them accordingly for stops and wait time. This feature is only available for in-market trips, so drivers do not have to worry about being taken out of their area.
• Zoom Ride is also responding to the high demand for female drivers for female riders. Women represent ⅓ of rideshare passengers, yet many still feel unsafe with male drivers. By offering female riders the option to request a female driver, She feels safer, and other drivers will no longer have to deal with the same rider cancelling over and over as she is attempting to get a female driver.
• Riders see your face and actual name, now you will see theirs. All Zoom Ride rider accounts will require a legitimate profile picture that must be approved by the same facial recognition software that is used for driver profiles.
• One time code verification to eliminate wrong rider claims
• Lighted signs making it easier for riders to identify their driver
• In-app 911-SOS notification features
• Drivers can be requested by language spoken

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