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About Dirt Tracks

Dirt Tracks is a small and powerful application to keep track of your route while you make dirt biking and others. The quite complex functionality hides behind a very clear user interface which is easy to understand.

Dirt Tracks can be very useful for all of your off-road activities like dirt biking, hiking, motorcycle touring and driving fun.

Have a look at all of these fancy features:

- Show current location of the phone on Google Map, if desired along with time, speed, altitude, duration and distance. even with latitude and longitude.

- Route recording, pausing, resuming, saving and listing.

- You can use whatever app you like to shoot the photos.

- Photos taken during a route are linked with this route and are shown together.

- Easy sharing of your routes together with photos using Facebook, VK, Line, Kakao, Wechat, etc.

- Markers can be inserted wherever you like. They can be shared together with a route.

- 'Route Navigate' can calculate a route for your navigation to a marker or a given destination using these preconditions: car, bicycle or walking

- Voice announcement at predefined frequency of time or distance.

- A visual overview about speeds and altitudes of a route using fancy speed chart which can zoom.

- Stats can be done easily.

- Routes can be exported as GPX/KMZ files, also can be imported from your phone or Google Drive.

- Users can create a group or join a group to share routes with friends.

Important: Google Maps should be installed.

Haven't try it yet, I just wanna know if it's the same as MY TRACKS before, and why was the previous app unable to run?
Joal Sicat
steve mallard
Hi Daniel, i had several tracks on my list. But they disappeared when I tried to import them. Also checked in the file system. Is there any way I can recover them? Thanks
Siddanth Kamble