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About Walkthrough feed and grow fish

Welcome to Guide Feed Fish and Grow to know everything about the game! . The Feed Fish & Grow update has just been here in the complete unofficial guide to the Feed Grow Fish game, the only guide with 100% exclusive content.
This is a survival game and a swamp simulator based on the world of fish. You start as Bibos. You get to track and try to eat other fish in the sea and grow both in level and size. Hunt, eat
and grow! Feed the real game Feed and fish! Giant river trout Play Feed and Grow Fish, Grow and survive as long as possible! Is Feed and Grow a fish simulator? You have the opportunity to swim eating other fish in the sea and growing both in level and size. Hunt, eat and grow! Sea master
You are in the ocean, where there is much fish. You control a fish, your goal is to eat other fish. Play like a small fish, keep feeding and eat smaller and deeper stranded fish and fish food to grow
and survive. Information about the Feed and Grow Fish swamp update:

- New fish
Two new species of fish with radiated fins have joined the waters of Feed & Grow. Enjoy its excellent models and detailed textures.
- Salmon
It is a new second-level fish on the map of the river that is priced at 10 points. Despite its own known flavour, adult salmon in nature feed primarily on other fish, therefore, there is nothing wrong with eating
one of them too.

Replaces raptors on the ocean map, these types often attack in a group with a quick ambush of lighting. Barracudas have a fearsome reputation due to their appearance and hunting

Notes on the fish feed and growth patch:
- New image effects: Advanced motion blur, vignette, chromatic aberration when playing with fantastic quality.
- Adjusted food cooling: swallowing like small fish now takes a little longer.
- Fixed the inability to swallow certain things even though their size was much smaller than their mouth.
- When a new fish zoom is generated, it is no longer maximized.
- Now you can look around your fish while holding down the middle mouse button.


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i love this game so much
Connor Lyst