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About YouCam Video Editor: Makeup, Retouch & Selfie Edit

Create refined selfie videos like a movie with pro retouch & makeup tools in less than a minute with YouCam Video!

YouCam Video is the world’s first selfie video editing app for you to apply makeup & retouch selfie videos of any length. Retouch eyes, lips, nose and more on videos, add video effects, and makeup including eyeshadow, lip color, eyelashes and more. YouCam Video is your one stop tool to edit pro selfie videos!

Retouch & Reshape Your Selfie Videos Easily & Quickly
◇ Reshape Face - face slimming & cheekbone reshaper, chin, jaw & forehead
◇ Reshape Nose - adjust nose size, bridge, length, and tip - instantly!
◇ Eye Editor - increase or decrease eye size in a snap
◇ Reshape Lip - Adjust size to get plumper fuller lips
◇ Smooth Skin - fine-tune skin to remove pimples, acne, blackheads, wrinkles, spots, dark circles, & blemishes
◇ Face Paint - Apply cute sticker art to your face!

Powerful Editing, Super Easy-to-Use & Share
◇ Upload & edit videos in a few taps
◇ Choose video orientation: portrait, landscape, or square.
◇ Crop, zoom & edit selfie videos for the perfect fit
◇ Compare your selfie videos before & after edits
◇ Edit and share on your favorite social media platforms

Edit Videos & Clips with 100+ Makeup & Video Effects
◇ Edit videos with an instant makeover including lipstick, eye shadow, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyeliner, full look & more
◇ Level-up your selfie videos with hundreds of lip colors
◇ Easily apply different styles of eyeshadow & colors on your videos
◇ From cute to dramatic, get your own style with a range of eyeliner & lash styles
◇ Dive into the eyebrow editor for tons of shapes and colors

Apply True-to-Life Hair Color to your videos
◇ Play hair color games on selfie videos with the most realistic hair dye tool
◇ Find your favorite hair color & effects in real-time for that perfect edit
*Please Note: Hair color is not supported on mobile devices with less than 2GB RAM.

YouCam Video Premium Version
Upgrade to YouCam Video Premium for unlimited access to:
◇ No limit to video length you want to edit
◇ Exclusive makeup & collections, including eyeliner & eyelashes.
◇ Unlimited use of beautify tools including Eye Tuner, Face, Lip & Nose Shaper.
◇ Single color or ombre hair editing
◇ Remove watermarks

Contact Us
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[email protected]
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is YouCam Video?

YouCam Video is a selfie video editing app that allows you to apply makeup and retouch selfie videos of any length.

What editing features does YouCam Video offer?

YouCam Video offers a variety of editing features, including face reshaping, nose adjustment, eye resizing, lip adjustment, skin tuning, and face paint.

Is it easy to use YouCam Video?

Yes, YouCam Video is super easy to use, allowing you to upload and edit videos in just a few taps.

Can I compare my selfie videos before and after editing?

Yes, YouCam Video allows you to compare your selfie videos before and after edits.

Can I edit and share my videos on social media platforms?

Yes, YouCam Video allows you to edit and share your videos on your favorite social media platforms.

Can I add makeup effects to my videos?

Yes, YouCam Video offers over 100 makeup and video effects, including lipstick, eyeshadow, eyebrows, eyelashes, and eyeliner.

Can I apply different hair colors to my videos?

Yes, YouCam Video allows you to apply true-to-life hair colors to your videos, providing a realistic hair dye tool.

Is there a premium version of YouCam Video?

Yes, there is a premium version of YouCam Video that offers unlimited access to video editing features, exclusive makeup collections, beautify tools, hair editing options, and the ability to remove watermarks.

How can I contact Perfect Corp. for suggestions or feedback?

You can contact Perfect Corp. by sending your questions, suggestions, and ideas to [email protected].
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