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About PrettyUp- Video Face & Body Editor & Selfie Camera

PrettyUp is a powerful body and face video editor. Only with a few steps, you could easily edit your selfie videos like slimmer waist, longer legs and smooth your skin. Come and try this hot video editor here to edit your body and face in your video naturally. Get your insta beauty right now here! It is easy to tune your face and video into beauty bright camera. Let's use it to catch your insta emoji videos.

Reshape Body
- Automatically slim your waist
- Change into slim & skinny waist
- Easy to get thin waist and perfect figure. Retouch video into beauty plus bright selfie videos.
- Automatically longer and slim legs. Excellent video app for everyone.
- Make you look tall and beautiful in videos

Face Retouch
- Retouch and reshape face in videos easily
- Get Big Eyes
- Wonderful portrait editor for videos
- Perfect nose editor
- Also a lips plumper for you. Brighten your lips.
- Excellent eyebrow editor

Glowing & Smooth Skin
- Remove blemishes and acne
- Smooth wrinkles. Tune video as you like.
- Even your skin tone, wonderful face app for video edit

Beautify Face
- Teeth whitener designed for you. Excellent teeth whitening app and easy to use.
- Remove and retouch wrinkles. Remove eyebag and make you beautiful and perfect 365 days.
- Nasolabial is also easy to edit and remove.
- Brighten eyes. Bright your eyes in the photo and make you outstanding in the picture. Brighten your makeup.

As a bright video camera, PrettyUp helps you retouch your video and get more likes on your favorite social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Tik tok. Come and try this cute camera editor. This bright video camera could really brighten your selfie video. Give your beauty 3D effects. Make U like your every beautiful selfie video.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is PrettyUp?

PrettyUp is a powerful body and face video editor that allows users to edit their selfie videos by making adjustments to their body shape and facial features.

What can I do with PrettyUp?

With PrettyUp, you can slim your waist, lengthen and slim your legs, retouch and reshape your face, remove blemishes and wrinkles, even out your skin tone, whiten your teeth, and brighten your eyes.

Can PrettyUp make me look taller and more beautiful in videos?

Yes, PrettyUp has features that automatically make your waist slimmer, legs longer and slimmer, and retouch your face to enhance your overall appearance in videos.

Can I use PrettyUp to edit my photos?

PrettyUp is primarily designed for video editing, but it also has features to retouch and enhance photos.

Can PrettyUp remove blemishes and acne?

Yes, PrettyUp has a feature that can remove blemishes and acne to give you a smoother and glowing skin in videos.

Can PrettyUp be used on social media platforms?

Yes, PrettyUp is compatible with popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok, allowing you to share your edited videos directly on these platforms to get more likes.

Does PrettyUp have a teeth whitening feature?

Yes, PrettyUp has a teeth whitening feature that can make your teeth appear whiter and brighter in your videos.

Can PrettyUp brighten my makeup in videos?

Yes, PrettyUp has features that can brighten your eyes and enhance your makeup in videos, making you look outstanding.

Is PrettyUp easy to use?

Yes, PrettyUp is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, allowing anyone to edit their videos and enhance their appearance effortlessly.

Can PrettyUp give 3D effects to my videos?

Yes, PrettyUp has features that can give 3D effects to your videos, adding depth and enhancing the overall visual appeal.
Mia Setyawan
Nice app but please increase the number of minutes it can edit and we want to be able to record videos with it
Nikitah Dogah
Its was really good
Patricia Findlay
This one makes me look really good!
Marion Wilson
Nichola Lawrence
Christabel Otite