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About Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects

Welcome to the 1930s, friend! It's a story about Lynda, a fierce detective that is in a great need for an assistant so help her solve one of the greatest mysteries of her life. She lost her father and she wants to reveal the mystery. Are you ready to join her and become a master detective yourself?

In this free-to-play hidden objects game, you will meet Lynda, a brave and independent detective in the making. Her father was a man of many secrets, and now she is on a mission to uncover all the untold truths of his past. What exactly do you think will she find?

The time is up, and the investigation is about to start! Lynda can only trust you to help her solve the mystery and restore her family’s legacy!

Pick up your magnifying glass and investigate the vivid scenes. The hidden objects can only be found by someone with an eye for detail, and I bet that’s you, fellow detective!

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of the 30s and travel from America to Europe and Africa. You’ll get to meet new friends along the way as the investigation gets deeper!

Use your creativity to build and decorate the valley of your desires. It’s up to you to help restore the legacy of the valley!

You can help upgrade the ranch, get the horses ready for an event and win special prizes!

Need a break from the investigation? No problem, the Fun House offers you Match 3, Mahjong, Dungeon, Memory, Crossword and Bubble Shooter games. Enjoy!

Goldie is part of your team. He is small but mighty and his power to sniff out the clues will help you get closer to the truth!

Additional features:
- A cast of characters that will each serve as a murder suspect.
- Hand-drawn scenes that shine with the elegance of the 30s.
- Over 1000+ hidden objects to search for and discover!
- A life-changing investigation that will end with shocking revelations.
- Mini puzzle games so you never feel bored: March 3, Mahjong, Dangeon and more.
- Daily rewards.
- Treats to feed your new friend Goldie.
- Vintage coins, postage stamps, and postcards for you to collect.
- Plenty of avatars to pick that will fit your personality.
- New chapters that will be revealed as the plot thickens.
- Regular updates for Lynda’s Legacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects about?

Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects is a free-to-play game where players help Lynda, a detective, solve the mystery of her father's past and restore her family's legacy.

How can I play Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects?

To play Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects, you need to search for hidden objects in vivid scenes using a magnifying glass. You can also enjoy mini puzzle games and explore different locations around the world.

Can I travel to different countries in Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects?

Yes, you can travel to various countries including America, Europe, and Africa as part of the investigation in Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects.

What can I do in Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects besides solving the mystery?

In addition to the main investigation, you can also rebuild and decorate a valley, groom horses, and enjoy various games in the Fun House, such as Match 3, Mahjong, Dungeon, Memory, Crossword, and Bubble Shooter.

Is there a companion in Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects?

Yes, Goldie the dog is part of your team in Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects. His ability to sniff out clues will help you uncover the truth.

Are there any additional features in Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects?

Yes, there are several additional features including a cast of characters as murder suspects, hand-drawn scenes with a 30s aesthetic, over 1000+ hidden objects to find, mini puzzle games, daily rewards, a collection of vintage coins, postage stamps, and postcards, avatars to customize your character, new chapters that are revealed as the plot progresses, and regular updates.

Where can I find more information about Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects?

You can follow Lynda's Legacy on Facebook, visit the official website, read the Privacy Policy, and access the Game Support and Knowledge Center for more information and assistance.
Good graphics I like it
Wraith Pandaa
I like this game. Soo interesting.
I like it it's just like June journey
Brenda Johnson
Great game! Cant stop playing
Filip Gorgievski
Finally a game with super fast loading time! The scenes are beautiful, and the game itself is fun to play. I would recommend it.
Marija Peshikan
Great game i cant stop playing.
Ilce Gorgijevski