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About Magical Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure

Start your epic adventure through Magical Lands with our new hidden object game! Search for hidden objects scattered throughout each level, collect interesting and useful items, complete puzzling quests, earn huge rewards, and meet a variety of fun characters on your hidden object journey!

In each level you'll search for hidden objects to earn your rewards, complete the level, and progress to the next. We've hidden objects by picture, shadow and mirror mode to keep gameplay fun and challenging! Zoom in on the scene to help find tricky objects, and ask Fiona the helpful fairy for hints if you get stuck. She knows these Magical Lands better than anybody and is there to guide you on your way.

⭐ Collect hundreds of unique items and get rewards for completing collections
⭐ Zoom in on the beautiful images to uncover those hard to find objects 🔎
⭐ Meet interesting characters and complete quests
⭐ Travel through a variety of beautiful lands with different themes
⭐ Complete daily challenges from the Treasure Goblin 👹
⭐ Collect hundreds of different Creatures
⭐ Earn prizes by digging for treasure our fun minigame
⭐ Get tips from Fiona the Fairy, your witty guide 🧚
⭐ Use powerful Rings to help find objects
⭐ Catch fish to complete your card in the Fish Bingo minigame 🐟
⭐ Earn prizes in our awesome Match3 minigame
⭐ Collect increasing Daily Rewards for free 💰
⭐ Use Potions for lasting effects that help your progress
⭐ Replay levels in harder modes to earn more rewards 🏆
⭐ Earn free Coins from the Magical Coin Globe
⭐ Improve your memory and train your brain 🧠
⭐ Backup your progress with Google Play Games 💾
⭐ A free app with no internet connection required to play

Gather items on your adventure and add them to your treasure collection. You'll receive a big reward every time you complete a collection of five items. Rewards will give you even more items to add to your collection – it's a treasure hunter's dream!

Find mysterious items throughout the world that can help you in your hidden objects quest. Use magic rings to help find hidden objects, quaff potions to apply temporary boosts, and use spells to recharge your energy.

Each land has a custom illustrated theme. Enjoy a hidden objects experience like never before as you immerse yourself in each one of our diverse, unique lands, each with their own theme. Which one is your favorite? We can't decide!


Land 1 - Tranquil Gardens
Begin your journey in a beautiful land full of relaxing gardens always in bloom.

Land 2 - Magical Animals
Encounter a variety of magical animals and help them along their paths as you find hidden objects.

Land 3 - Enchanted Daydreams
What mysteries will be revealed in this fairy tale land?

Land 4 - Aquatic Wonderland
Meet pirates and ducks in this wonderful water-themed world!

Land 5 - Eternal Spring
New growth, flowers, butterflies, and sunshine! But watch out for the return of a certain witch...

Land 6 - Mystical Moonlight
Things appear different by the light of the Moon!

Land 7 - Mysteries of the Mist
What mysterious mysteries are hidden in the mist?!

Land 8 - Wishful Thinking
A dreamy land of beautiful images. Meet Fiona's fairy sisters!

Land 9 - Summer Garden
Your magical adventure continues in a sumptuous summer Land.

Land 10 - Storyteller’s Domain!
Complete your final quests in a beautiful storyteller-inspired world!


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Magical Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure?

Magical Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure is a new hidden object game where players search for hidden objects, collect items, complete quests, and earn rewards while exploring various themed lands.

How does the gameplay work?

In each level, players search for hidden objects to earn rewards, complete the level, and progress to the next. The hidden objects can be found by picture, shadow, or mirror mode. Players can zoom in on the scene for help and ask Fiona, the helpful fairy, for hints if needed.

What are the main features of the game?

The main features include collecting unique items and earning rewards, meeting interesting characters and completing quests, traveling through different beautiful lands, completing daily challenges, collecting creatures, playing mini-games, improving memory and brain training, and much more.

How can I collect treasures in the game?

Players can gather items throughout their adventure and add them to their treasure collection. Completing a collection of five items rewards the player with a big reward. These rewards also provide additional items to add to the collection.

Are there any magic artifacts in the game?

Yes, players can find mysterious items throughout the world that can help them in their hidden objects quest. Magic rings help find hidden objects, potions provide temporary boosts, and spells recharge energy.

What can I expect in terms of graphics?

The game features stunning and immersive graphics. Each land has a custom illustrated theme, providing a unique and visually appealing experience for the players.

How many lands are there in the game?

There are a total of 10 lands in the game, each with its own theme. Players will explore Tranquil Gardens, Magical Animals, Enchanted Daydreams, Aquatic Wonderland, Eternal Spring, Mystical Moonlight, Mysteries of the Mist, Wishful Thinking, Summer Garden, and Storyteller's Domain.

Is the game available for offline play?

Yes, the game is a free app that does not require an internet connection to play. Players can enjoy the game anytime, anywhere without the need for an internet connection.

How can I backup my progress in the game?

Players can backup their progress with Google Play Games, ensuring that their game data is saved and can be restored if needed.

How can I download Magical Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure?

You can download Magical Lands: A Hidden Object Adventure by searching for it in your device's app store. Click on the download or install button to get the game on your device.
Fun. Love the fact that I don't have to pay.
Im Bored
I like it fin game
Lakeisha Harris
Excellent, I love this game.
Patrcia Fleming
I love this game! I played all of the xmas one. Than started another. It fills your time, if you have it. My grandson love to help find objects.
Deanna Stone
Lulu Jones
It's fun game.
Shannen Oguinn