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About Roll My Dice: Custom Dice Roller

Create & roll dice. Choose from 100 symbols or import your own images & text. From Yahtzee and Backgammon to D&D and Star Wars X-Wing, roll dice for any game in your collection...or your imagination!

It's easy to make custom dice to roll. Choose colours and number of sides, with the option to customise each die's face with its own numbers, symbols & words. A range of options gives you the tools to create custom dice, from a simple d6 to a d20 with custom symbols on each face.

When you roll dice the totals are calculated for you, and you can lock and re-roll dice with a tap. Hold a die to change its face to one of your choice, or roll another (for exploding dice).

Store dice in separate bags for each board game, and share them with friends using the built-in exporter.

Optimised to be kind to your battery for those long gaming sessions, and audited to ensure true-to-life randomness.

Are you a game designer? No more stickers! Simply make dice and prototype away. Dice have stats to help with balancing and you can share your custom dice with playtesters.

We don't use ads. We only ask that if you enjoy the app and want more, that you help support development by unlocking the full set of 100 symbols and the ability to use your own custom symbols & text. 60 symbols are available free.

Key Features
* Choose from 100 symbols or use your own images & text.
* Roll dice & lock them with a tap.
* Simple editor to make custom dice.
* Dice roll results totalled automatically.
* Dice bags for each board game.
* Share dice with friends.
* Dice have stats to preview expected rolls.
* A dice roller for RPGs, dice and board games.

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