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About Wlingua - English Language Course

Learning English has never been so easy.

It's perfect for you, whether you already have a beginner, basic, intermediate, or advanced level of English. Thanks to our online English course, you’ll notice your English improving very quickly. Millions of students have already tried our courses. Would you like to join them?

Our Online English Courses:

English Course 🇬🇧 🇺🇸
Learn American English or British English. 500 lessons with hundreds of vocabulary and grammar exercises. You can also practice your reading and listening comprehension skills.
Levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, and Upper-Intermediate.

Advanced English Course 🇬🇧 🇺🇸
This course will help you continue to improve your English! More than 200 grammar and vocabulary lessons with hundreds of exercises.
Level: Advanced

B2 First Course - First Certificate 🇬🇧
440 lessons with hundreds of exercises to prepare for all parts of the Use of English, Reading, and Listening sections. It contains exam-style questions only.

English Irregular Verbs Course 🇬🇧 🇺🇸
70 lessons with hundreds of exercises to practice your English irregular verbs.

British English Pronunciation Course 🇬🇧
A course with 30 lessons and many pronunciation exercises to recognize the sounds in British English.

American English Pronunciation Course 🇺🇸
A course with 26 lessons and many pronunciation exercises to recognize the sounds in American English.

Our Learning Method:

💡A learning process designed for you that is both easy and guided: You’ll feel like you’re learning more and more English every day. Every sentence, exercise, review, and reading has been carefully selected for you.

🔊 Audio clips in British English and American English: A wide variety of accents with clear, crisp pronunciation. Recorded by professional narrators.

🔗 Linked concepts: Each word is linked to its use or precise meaning. When you click on the words in each sentence, exercise, or reading, their meaning or an explanation of their use will appear.

📝 Lesson structure: Concepts are introduced progressively throughout the course. We will never use concepts that weren’t studied previously.

📇 Vocabulary: Learn the meaning, pronunciation, and use of words with activities adapted to your progress.

🤔 Grammar exercises: Practice your grammar with exercises linked to explanations.

🗂️ Vocabulary topics: Words are grouped by topic categories.

📈 Spaced reviews: Review the vocabulary and grammar at increasingly long intervals.

🔍 Search function: Find whatever you’re looking for, including vocabulary and grammar.

📃 Reading comprehension texts (readings): Learn and practice with conversations, news, emails, and interviews, among others.

🥇 Certificates: Earn a certificate that proves your knowledge at the end of each level.

Account types:

Basic: With a Basic account, the course is free, but has some limitations.
Premium: With a Premium account, you’ll have access to all course content and activities.

At Wlingua, we work hard every day to offer you a quality English app that will help you in your work, with that upcoming exam, on your vacation, in communicating with people from around the world...

Download our app to learn English!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What courses does Wlingua offer for learning English?

Wlingua offers English courses, advanced English courses, B2 First Course, English irregular verbs course, British English pronunciation course, and American English pronunciation course.

What are the levels of the English course?

The English course offers levels for beginners, elementary, intermediate, and upper-intermediate.

What is included in the Advanced English Course?

The Advanced English Course includes over 200 grammar and vocabulary lessons with exercises.

How many lessons are there in the B2 First Course?

The B2 First Course includes 440 lessons.

What is the focus of the English irregular verbs course?

The English irregular verbs course focuses on practicing irregular verbs.

How many lessons are there in the British English Pronunciation Course?

The British English Pronunciation Course has 30 lessons.

How many lessons are there in the American English Pronunciation Course?

The American English Pronunciation Course has 26 lessons.

What is the learning method used by Wlingua?

Wlingua uses a learning process that is easy and guided, with carefully selected sentences, exercises, reviews, and readings.

What audio options are available in the courses?

The courses offer audio clips in both British English and American English, with a variety of accents recorded by professional narrators.

What features are included in the Wlingua app?

The Wlingua app includes a linked concepts feature, lesson structure, vocabulary and grammar exercises, spaced reviews, search function, reading comprehension texts, and certificates.

What are the account types offered by Wlingua?

Wlingua offers Basic and Premium account types. Basic accounts are free with some limitations, while Premium accounts provide access to all course content and activities.
superbe appli,il y a tout pour apprendre
Marvyne MOMBO
Quezia Azevedo
anis ben
Raul CG
Buena, el contenido es muy completo, se requiere tiempo, pero es funcional.
Camilo Leal
Excelente App conociendo la fonética se mejora la pronunciación y se aprende a diferenciar los sonidos.
Esther Zarate