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About Fret Calculator

An indispensable tool for luthiers (guitar and other stringed instrument makers).

• Calculates the nut-to-fret distance
• (Optionally) Calculates the fret-to-fret distance
• (Optionally) Calculates the saddle compensation values

You enter the scale length (expressed in the units of your choice) and the number of frets, and Fret Calculator computes the values.

Each fret position in the table has a check box, to help you keep track of your progress while working on your fret board.

I like apps that do one thing well and fret calculator does that. I haven't used the check box feature yet but it looks like it will be handy when laying out a fretboard. I think that it is cool that you can...
Mike Mahar
Should make fretting a guitar a non-thought! Thank you
Anthony Rossi
So good. จริงๆ
mjo asz