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About Jump Rope Workout PRO

Jump rope training is an excellent way to improve your overall fitness, speed, agility, coordination, and to burn calories.

Jump rope Workout contains 2 different programs or you may personalize your session. A progressive training plan to enable you to progress steadily which is ideal for beginners. An intensive program which can be done over an 8 week period at a rhythm of 3 sessions per week. This program more suitable for people in good physical shape already.
Depending on how you managed your session, you may then go to the next one, repeat it or begin the level again from the start.
It’s advisable to do 2 - 4 sessions per week. You may choose your training days and times and receive notification on your phone.

An audible coach (in English) lets you know each minute how much time is remaining, when to jump and when to rest.

Jump detection is configurable so as to take into account the type of phone, where it is placed and the range of your jumps.

Jump rope workout also calculates the number of calories burnt during a session.

You keep a record of your statistics for each session which allows you to follow your progression as you work through the program.

Don’t delay, start today !

Excellent application: does exactly what you expect and want with ample versatility. Whether in the coaching or personal mode, it is though you had a personal trainer assisting.
Brock Hereford
This is all i wanted... something to tell me when to stop and when to start while having a program were it intensifies while you go! Awesome!
Hulk minator