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About The King Of Ocean

1. Game background based on massive and in-depth historical research
The periods of Renaissance and Enlightenment resulted in the Freedom of Thought that created a thirst for all things new in the European Continent of the Middle Ages, which propelled the process of civilisation exploration. At the same time, accumulation of wealth led to a prosperous commerce trade, while technological advances allowed Europeans to traverse further and faster into unknown territories. With this, the people who have never ventured beyond the European Continent ushered in an all new Age of Sail.

To revive the full splendour of the Age of Exploration, we consulted large volumes of related historical materials and went to great lengths to ensure that all aspects of the game, from graphics to the choice of words, remain faithful to the norms of the era. The architectural styles and trade specialties of the various regions – Mediterranean, Asian and Latin American accurately reflect the respective histories and the inclusion of long-renowned sea captains and explorers is set to bring players an immersive gaming experience.

2. Unique trading system in which players’ behaviour influences the trading prices
In the real world, commodity prices are mainly determined by cost as well as supply and demand. In most trading games however, commodity trading prices are almost always constant, which is completely unrealistic. We strive to create a highly realistic trading system that brings realism to players.

In King of Oceans, the trading prices largely depends on players’ trading behaviours – centralising the trading of certain goods may cause prices to fall drastically in the city. Powerful players may even dictate the price fluctuation of the commodities. The rapid and constant changes bring extreme excitement about the unknown to every deal.

3. Realistic and familiar trade specialties
All cities in King of Oceans are chosen from famed ports in the North, Baltic and Mediterranean seas during the Age of Exploration. Every city has its own specialty produce bearing strong regional characteristics. The supply and demand of the goods determines the price difference, and players have to grasp the timing of these price differences to secure an invincible trading position.

4. Be the ultimate victor in our cross-server battles!
King of Oceans supports data exchange among multiple servers, thus enabling players across different servers to either form allies or opposing camps fighting on the same battlefield. The one who stands last shall be our overall champion and win the admiration of all other players!

Contact Us

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a feedback in the game: Go to “Customer Service” > “Feedback”.

Alternatively, you may also leave us a message on our official FB page:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the background of the game?

The game is based on massive and in-depth historical research of the periods of Renaissance and Enlightenment, bringing the Age of Exploration to life.

How does the trading system work?

The trading system in the game is unique and realistic, where players' behavior influences the trading prices. The prices of commodities fluctuate based on players' trading actions, creating a dynamic and exciting trading experience.

What are the trade specialties in the game?

Each city in the game has its own specialty produce based on famous ports from the Age of Exploration. The supply and demand of these goods determine their prices, and players need to grasp the timing to succeed in trading.

Can players compete with others from different servers?

Yes, King of Oceans supports cross-server battles, allowing players from different servers to form alliances or opposing camps and fight on the same battlefield. The ultimate victor will be crowned the overall champion.

How can players contact the game's customer service?

Players can leave feedback in the game through the "Customer Service" > "Feedback" section. Alternatively, they can also leave a message on the official Facebook page of The King Of Ocean.
Been playing for about 3 months. It's good but has some issues. Its pay to win but not necessarily pay to play. Everyone developes at their own pace, so f2p is a bit slower and more grindy. Alternate account...
Robert Hudgens