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About HeritCoin - Coin Identifier

HeritCoin is an AI coin identifier which helps you to learn the coins and notes in your hands. It's designed for coin numismatists, coin collectors, enthusiasts and amateurs who have old world coins and notes and want to learn more. It can help you to grow your coin collection.

Two easy steps and it's user-friendly
1. Take a picture of both sides of a coin or note
2. Learn information about it

Except US coins, we can also identify followings
- US banknotes
- World banknotes
- Ancient Chinese Coinage

Want more? Videos of coin stories are available now. Some upcoming features which you may be interested in are on the way. We also expand our database very frequently. Keep track of us so you don't miss out. We can't wait to show you what's coming next!

You may also reach us at [email protected]. All your thoughts and opinions are welcome and that can help us do better.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is HeritCoin?

HeritCoin is an AI coin identifier designed for coin collectors and enthusiasts to learn more about coins and notes.

How does HeritCoin work?

HeritCoin works in two easy steps - you take a picture of both sides of a coin or note, and then you can learn information about it.

Which types of coins and notes can HeritCoin identify?

HeritCoin can identify US banknotes, world banknotes, and ancient Chinese coinage.

Are there any additional features or upcoming updates for HeritCoin?

Yes, there are upcoming features and updates for HeritCoin, including videos of coin stories. Stay tuned for more updates.

How can I contact HeritCoin?

You can reach HeritCoin at [email protected]. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome to help improve the service.

Where can I find the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for HeritCoin?

The Privacy Policy can be found at, and the Terms of Use at