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About Horizonpedia (unofficial ACNH Guide App)

This App is everything you need to have a pleasant stay on your Island:
- It provides a Critter tracker (Fish, Insects, Sea Creatures) where you can see what's currently catchable.
- A ton of filters that let you exactly see the information you wanted
- You can tick off all your Museum donations
- You can browse the furniture and clothing sections to find the item that you need
- It has lists for favourites so find quickly what you need more often
- You can find your favourite villagers
- There is the most detailed flower section out there
- Guides written with the knowledge of the dataminers will make you a true island king

Currently available information:
- Fishes, Insects, Sea Creatures
- Fossils and Pieces of Art
- very detailed flowerbreeding
- Villagers
- Furniture
- Recipes
- Interieur
- Clothing
- K.K. Songs
- Guides

We are working to provide every Collectible in the game, additional tools as well as tips & tricks to make your life on the island as pleasant as possible.
We are directly linked to the community via Discord where you can give direct feedback to the developer.

All translations are made by an active community. If you want to help with the translations, send a Message to [email protected] or contact Salatgurke#6901 on Discord.

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Outstanding guide. It gets better and better with each update
Terrill Ray
Solid app now. Still waiting on things like the villager photo checklist and of course the passport to register design codes and dream codes, and maybe even a daily checklist? To me this is all it lacks now ...
Michael Shirley
This is good for new horizons.
Andrew Zontonas