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About Yuzu eReader


Enhance your learning experience with Yuzu by Barnes & Noble.

Yuzu is a learning platform that lets you read and interact with digital content.


Interactive Learning - eTextbooks can include videos and other multimedia content and links to related websites, to make the learning experience richer and more engaging.

Travel Lighter - Replace multiple textbooks with one app where you can access your course materials from a single, beautifully organized interface.

Read On-the-Go - With course materials always at your fingertips, you can read and study wherever you are. Highlights, notes, and bookmarks automatically sync across all of your devices.

Study Smarter - You can highlight and add notes to your eTextbooks. Plus, you can easily adjust the layout, font size, and zoom to make reading easier.

Simple Navigation - Search key words and phrases throughout all of your digital content and quickly jump to a location by typing a page number.

* Create highlights, notes, and bookmarks. Your changes are automatically saved and made available to all of your apps
* Search for keywords or phrases
* Navigate using the Table of Contents
* Jump to a location by page number
* Quickly return to recently viewed pages
* Zoom fixed format content or adjust the layout and fonts with reflowable content
* Download your digital content for later reading and adding notes while offline

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a learning platform that allows you to read and interact with digital content.

What are the benefits of using eTextbooks on Yuzu?

The benefits of using eTextbooks on Yuzu include interactive learning, the ability to travel lighter with multiple textbooks in one app, the convenience of reading on-the-go, the option to study smarter with highlights and notes, and simple navigation features.

What features does Yuzu offer?

Yuzu offers features such as creating highlights, notes, and bookmarks, searching for keywords or phrases, navigating using the Table of Contents, jumping to a specific location by page number, quickly returning to recently viewed pages, zooming fixed format content or adjusting the layout and fonts for easier reading, and the ability to download digital content for offline reading and note-taking.
The best of reading and being read to.
Marcus Robertson
Made e-book reading available.
Dale Jones
This app is a life-saver. I am able to access my books through it, without my laptop so I can actually read on the go. No problems logging in.
Naomi Poole
Easy and convenient. The narrator starting points could be better, but I actually prefer to read for myself.
Dominique Hughes
Great app.
Juan Alvarado
It works for school work.
Saul Solorio