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Wedding planner by Wedbox πŸ’—  Checklist and budget Screenshot 0
Wedding planner by Wedbox πŸ’—  Checklist and budget Screenshot 1
Wedding planner by Wedbox πŸ’—  Checklist and budget Screenshot 2
Wedding planner by Wedbox πŸ’—  Checklist and budget Screenshot 3
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About Wedding planner by Wedbox πŸ’— Checklist and budget

πŸ’— Wedding planner
Wedbox Planner is the most innovative wedding planning app on the market. It is free and has everything you need for your wedding planning needs when you’re on the go.

πŸ’— Wedding checklist
Month by month this app will guide you and make sure you dont forget anything before your wedding. Wedbox Planner is built on the experience from more than 200.000 downloads of the wedding photo app by Wedbox.

You will be notified well in advance of the tasks necessary for planning the perfect wedding. Get inspired by ideas from other brides, and read planning advice from top suppliers before making your choices.

πŸ’— Wedding Countdown
All the discussions and input from brides around the world have been put to use in this new innovative app, which features the only interactive wedding checklist based on thousands of brides’ experiences.
The wedding planning app comes with suggestions for the tasks that you will typically need to consider, and you can customize your wedding plan by removing, adding or altering the tasks and we have added a countdown feature in the app as well

Wedbox Planner is simple to use. You get a clear overview, and you won’t be lost in details or trying to figure out how to use the planner - everything is straightforward and self-explanatory.

πŸ’— Wedbox Planner features:

πŸ’ A customized wedding checklist
You can design your own personalized wedding checklist based on your wedding date and preferences. No matter when you start your wedding planning, Wedbox Planner will automatically create a customized checklist for your wedding.

πŸ’ Interactive wedding checklist
In the app you will get an overview of what is coming up and what needs attention, and you will also have an updated list of tasks that still need to be completed.

πŸ’ Wedding budget
You will have a simple and straightforward budgeting tool to help keep track of your wedding expenses. You will get detailed insights, as well as an overview of your total budget and how much of this you have used via your wedding budget dashboard.

πŸ’ Collaborate with your partner
Invite your partner and plan your wedding together in real time. Once you make changes they will instantly appear in your partner’s app as well – no need to synchronize everything manually. Share all the wedding planning details with your partner, including the option to delegate wedding to-do’s.

πŸ’ Overview and details
Discover the best tips for your wedding and dive into resources from experts in the wedding business, without compromising your overview of the whole wedding timeline.

πŸ’ Multiple language
The app will automatically adjust to your local language on your phone, and any wedding planning participant can have their own language.

πŸ’ All religions, languages and cultures
No matter where in the world you are from, which language you speak or whom you would like to marriage, this app will work for your wedding planning

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Wedbox Planner?

Wedbox Planner is an innovative wedding planning app that provides everything you need for your wedding planning needs on the go.

How does the app help with wedding planning?

The app provides a customized wedding checklist, interactive checklist, wedding budgeting tools, collaboration features with your partner, and resources from wedding experts to help you plan your wedding effectively.

Can I personalize my wedding checklist?

Yes, you can design your own personalized wedding checklist based on your wedding date and preferences.

Will I receive notifications for important tasks?

Yes, the app will notify you well in advance about the tasks necessary for planning the perfect wedding.

Can I customize the tasks in my wedding plan?

Absolutely, you can remove, add, or alter the tasks in your wedding plan according to your specific needs and preferences.

Is there a countdown feature in the app?

Yes, the app includes a countdown feature to keep track of the time remaining until your wedding day.

Can I collaborate with my partner in real-time?

Yes, you can invite your partner to the app and plan your wedding together, with any changes instantly appearing in both of your apps.

Does the app support multiple languages?

Yes, the app automatically adjusts to your local language and can be customized for each participant in the wedding planning.

Does the app cater to all religions, languages, and cultures?

Yes, the app is designed to work for weddings of all types, regardless of the languages spoken or cultural backgrounds involved.
Thanks for helping me to keep everything organized in my wedding planning! It made me look really professional!
Marietjie Louw
Vanessa Sakah
Carrie Long
Awesome I thought it is an in-app purchased. But it is completely free. Very well-arranged layout when you want to control budget or everything else
Frandika Permana
Very helpful
So far so good. Everything is nicely laid out. Easy to just put in your own information
Charmian James