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About Garfield Fit

Garfield Fit is a fun pedometer designed to track and motivate you and your family to move more, featuring the world's favorite cantankerous lasagna-loving cat!

Are you a parent looking for a way to get your kids to move? Or maybe you're looking to burn more calories after eating too much lasagna? Then this app is for you!
- Track your activity (walking/running) every day
- Set customized rewards like ""a walk around the park"" for your kids to get them motivated!
- Get personalized coaching plans to get you fitter!
- Walk to collect coins and spend them to buy snazzy clothes for Garfield!

- Looking for fun ways to track your activity? Garfield walks when you walk, he runs when you run. Find out what surprises await you as you walk around in town.
- Concerned about safety outdoors? You can walk/run indoors and it'll still track your activity!
- Turn your activity into COINS. Collect coins as you walk and unlock more clothes for Garfield!

- It’s more fun running with friends. The more steps you take, the more of Garfield’s friend will join you. Unlock Jon, Odie, Arlene, Nermal and many more!
- Each new friend that joins Garfield will earn you more coins to buy more clothes!

- Odie has run off with your lasagna! Find an open space outdoors, turn on your GPS and play the chase Odie mini game. You’ll need to sprint to catch Odie!

- Garfield Fit integrates with Google Fit app to sync your hard earned steps, calories, minutes spent exercising and distance travelled.
- Connect to Google Fit app to review your activity daily or weekly

- Getting in shape is difficult without a plan. Subscribe so our coaches (including Jon and Odie) can give you a personalized training plan. They’ll even walk with you!
- You’ll get a weekly report on your progress with your personal coaches!

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Dominique Perry
This app is so nice and very very entertaining I played it like almost a full day. Please make more.
Hadassah Pillay
It hardly even works, but I don't like to give negative reviews.
Funtime Basket
What is so cool about the game that Garfield runs when I run so cute😁
Karen Martin
Yaa Achiaa
Lional Lional