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About Quran Kareem - Translation, Audio, Offline, Scroll

Al Quran Al Kareem - القرآن الكريم is full featured app with easy to use UI interface that does not require internet to read Holy Quraan.

Its free from any advertisement with selection of multiple Quran text script, fonts, audio, translations, scroll, search and multiple feature.


❖ Surah, Juz, Listing ❖

● Surah List, English and Arabic Surah names with number of Ruku, Ayats, Revelation Order information.
● Juz, Para list with Hizb and Rub el Hizb, Quarters with English and Arabic Juz names .
● Quick search in Surah and Juz list.
● Copy, Share Ayat Arabic text with or without Translation.
● Continue from Last Read, Listen Surah.

❖ Bookmarks ❖

● Save Ayat as Bookmark to read and continue later.
● Bookmark categorized list, navigate to saved Ayat, Manage and Share saved bookmarks.
● Edit Bookmark Notes and Folders.

❖ Reading Script and Fonts ❖

● Quran Arabic Text Script format selection
o Arabic Uthmani (الرسم العثماني - عربی - Middle East)
o Arabic Other (الرسم المغربي - اردو - Urdu, Indo Pak)
o Arabic Simple (الرسم العادي - Other Countries)

● Font selections
o Uthmanic Hafs Font (رواية حفص)
o Naskh Usman Taha Font (خط النسخ عثمان طه)
o Noor Huda - (اردو - Indo Pak - Urdu Font)

❖ Translations ❖

● Quran - Translation of the Meanings
o English - Saheeh International
o English - Ahmed Raza
o English - Hilali, Khan
o English - Roman - Transliteration
o Urdu - Kanzuliman - اردو - کنزالایمان
o Urdu - Jalandhry - اردو - جالندھری
o Indonesia - Bahasa
o Indonesia - Jalalayn
o Russian - Россию - Аль-Мунтахаб
o Russian - Россию - Кулиев, ас-Саади
o French - Français - Hamidullah
o Tafseer - العربية - تفسير الجلالين
o Tafseer - العربية - تفسير المیسر

● Select multiple translations (English, Urdu, Indonesian, French and Russian language) at the same time alongside Arabic script.
● Read upto 5 translation same time (same screen).
● Show or Hide single or multiple translations.

❖ Audio ❖

● Audio mp3 voice
o Rashid AlAfasy - راشد العفاسي
o Abdul Rehman AlSudais - عبد الرحمٰن السدیس
o Maher AlMueaqly - ماهر المعيقلي‎
o Waheed Zafar Qasmi Urdu Translation - وحید ظفر قاسمی اردو ترجم

● Listen to multiple reciters.
● Play, Pause, Stop with Playback navigation.
● Audio files only download when required (On first play file) (Please connect to WiFi if have limited mobile data)
● Audio Resume, Continue and Restart.
● Auto play, Continue or Repeat Listening.
● Notification bar, Fast forward and reverse.
● Manage, Delete and Cancel Audio files

❖ Children and Learning ❖

● Color coded Qaida for Children with multiple lessons and exercise.
● Noorani Qaida in Urdu and English.
● Children can also read and memorize Quran Majeed.
● Quran waqf and stop signs.
● Children learn Arabic alphabets with tajweed rules.
● Dua and Azkar from Quran Pak and Hadith.

❖ Prayer Timings, Hijri Calendar ❖

● Prayer Timings for Hanafi, Shafi, Malaki, Hanbali.
● Manual Country and City selection or use Automatic mode.
● Prayer calculation standards - Karachi, MWL, Umm al-Qura, ISNA, Egypt, Tehran.
● Hijri monthly Calendar with Gregorian Calendar.
● Monthly Calendar with Hijri Date Adjustment (-2 : +2)
● Month calendar navigation.

❖ Settings, Color Theme ❖

● Change Font size for Arabic or Translation text with live Font Preview.
● Set Screen remain On while reading.
● Change Tab Color and Icon theme to your favorite colors.

❖ Flexibility, Search, Scroll ❖

● Advanced search and Navigation.
● Auto Scroll on reading screen.
● Auto Scroll speed adjustment (increase or decrease).

● Free from advertisements. (Without any advertisement).
● Compact size and Offline - No external connection or internet required to read Quran.

اللهم صل وسلم وبارك علي سيدنا ونبينا وحبيبنا محمد خاتم النبيين وصل على آل محمد وعلى آل إبراهيم إنك حميد مجيد

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