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About Wallcraft – Live Wallpapers 3D

3D live wallpapers to amaze you and everyone!
Incredible video wallpapers with 4D parallax effect, just try and you like it.
Live wallpapers available for free right now!

Our artists from Wallcraft team have created this cool wallpapers, you can rotate your phone and wallpaper will move!
Can you believe your background wallpaper will move!?
Parallax live wallpapers work at home screen and lockscreen too.
You can see parallax like as video wallpapers.

What about resolution and quality of our wallpapers? We’ll give you maximum quality – live wallpapers in 4K and 6K and of couse HD too! Every pixel without compression.
If you have small screen you will get hd live wallpapers, if you have large screen we show you only hq live wallpapers in 4K or 6K, depend of your device.

It is fantastic effect, you can find live wallpapers for any themes: anime wallpapers with girls and boys, animals, nature, cars, minimalist, sea, a lot.

You current best wallpapers are:
- funny wallpaper with jokes
- space and planets wallpapers, univesrse
- wallpaper with snake on black background
- nature, sun, sunrises and sineshines
- funny ducks
- fire in the forest
- skull face
- stickers video wallpaper
- funny cat wallpapers
- chemical elements
- live samurai wallpaper
- money and dollars also live

Live wallpapers work on lock screen and home screen (but depends of your device)

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are Wallcraft live wallpapers?

Wallcraft live wallpapers are 3D wallpapers that move and have a 4D parallax effect.

Are the Wallcraft live wallpapers free?

Yes, the Wallcraft live wallpapers are currently available for free.

Can I rotate my phone and see the wallpaper move?

Yes, you can rotate your phone and the wallpaper will move.

What is the resolution and quality of the Wallcraft live wallpapers?

The Wallcraft live wallpapers come in maximum quality, including 4K and 6K as well as HD, without any compression.

What types of live wallpapers can I find?

There are live wallpapers for any theme, including anime, animals, nature, cars, minimalist, sea, and many more.

Can I use the live wallpapers on both my home screen and lock screen?

Yes, the live wallpapers work on both your home screen and lock screen, but it depends on your device.